The ❤Gabrielle❤ Bag: It's a HIT!!

  1. I scoured through pages and pages of IG to see if the Gabrielle Bag sung to me.

    Up to the very point when I hit the store, I was still undecided until... I saw the bag in person. This is the Small.

  2. Details of the mixed hardware and leather are just gorgeous!
    20170321_144257.jpeg 20170321_144121.jpeg 20170321_145014.jpeg 20170321_145028.jpeg 20170321_145115.jpeg
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  3. Thoughts that ran through my mind...
    Finally. A fuss-free bag from Chanel.
    I its edgy look in the Black-black combination!

    I chose the Small as it fits my frame better. The Medium looked pretty sloppy on me and I typically don't carry many things with me.

    Here's some mod-shots: (I'm 5"3)
    20170321_163224.jpeg 20170321_163113.jpeg 20170321_163003.jpeg 20170321_163254.jpeg
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  4. To compare it with my small Boy bag...
    The length of the bag is almost the same. But the Gabrielle's strap is way longer.
    20170321_162935.jpeg 20170321_162902.jpeg 20170321_162846.jpeg
  5. Yeah the bag can be really a hit or a miss. I guess you really have to consider your personal style and lifestyle to hit it off with the Gabrielle.

    As for me, I'm really loving it! No regrets!!

    Hope this post has been useful for some of you still sitting on the fence about this bag
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  6. I love it and it looks great on you!!! Congrats!! Do you mind my asking where you purchased it? I am asking because they only have the medium in my boutique (and the small backpack version) and I would like to see the small in person, if possible. :heart::heart:
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  7. Congrats, can't wait to see it at my boutique ❤️ I'm loving the design
  8. Congrats, it looks fabulous on you! I love the mixed metals and the edgy vibe as well. Thanks for posting so many pictures.
    My medium is arriving tomorrow!
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  9. i think it looks absolutely wonderful on you. i've seen the mixed opinions on it, but i really like this style and like the slightly weathered appearance it has. congrats on this!
  10. Congrats! It really suits you!
  11. wow looks great on you. You have me thinking I might need this now :nuts:
  12. This bag is ultra cool. I love the mix of vintage with the modern look of mixed metals and that strap :tup: Congrats!
  13. It looks really great on you. & you are rocking the bag! Congrats & enjoy the bag :flowers:
  14. Congratulations!!! Thanks for posting mod pictures. I've been debating on this bag. Love how it looks on you
  15. Hi there!
    I'm from Singapore and the bag had a preview for a selected group yesterday at the Marina Bay Sands boutique. It has not been displayed yet as it has not officially launched here. Next week perhaps.
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