the Gabby Douglas story on Lifetime

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  1. Anyone else catch this?
    The acting and stuff wasn't amazing but I loved seeing her story. Her family seemed wonderful as did her host family when she chased her dream
    What a beautiful girl with such a huge talent. . . beautiful story.

    Ending line:
    Gabby Douglas became the first US gymnast to win both
    the team and all-around gold medals in the same Olympic games.

    I cried like a little girl at the end watching live footage:shame:
  2. Aww no, I missed it!
    Do you know if they will re-air it soon?
  3. I missed it as well :sad: I hope it comes back on
  4. I DVR'd it but haven't had the chance to watch yet. Love Gabby!

  5. It's lifetime. I guarantee you they will rerun it lots and lots. No worries 😊
  6. ^I'd assume as well.

    It's a really good story, I enjoyed it!
  7. I watched, and thought it was a great story..really enjoyed it.
  8. I've just had the chance to watch this and it was so inspiring! I really enjoyed it and found myself choked up on several occasions. Her determination was out of this world. Her mother and siblings are so wonderful and supportive and their belief in her... Truly a blessed family, they are! So glad I watched this!