The future of Ebene

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  1. Has anyone heard or can confirm if Ebene is being phased out, discontinued, or replaced... by Cafe?? This thread in the shopping section got me wondering:

    I hope it's not getting phased out any time soon. I do adore this colour. And about it being replaced by Cafe, it's so different! Doesn't Cafe currently only come in Clemence or is it ear-marked for all the other leathers as well?
  2. No, it's not. Ebene is still very available. I saw Ebene in VL for the latest arrival of Paris Bombay.

    ETA: Ebene is 10 on scale of 1 to 10 for the brown family, 1 being the lightest. Cafe is probably 6 and Etoupe is probably 3 kinda thing. So, they are not the same color.
  3. i don´t know for sure but seems unlikely as they are still doing the toile ebene combos and café is soo different to ebene ,if it was chocolate then i could see the point of resting choc in order to promote café but ebene mhmm
    but then noone knows what h is thinking sometimes but one thing is for sure they do not discontinue colors they just put them to rest so maybe ebene just doesn´t go with the vibe h is currently after so they stopped ebene for the moment but that does not mean ebene won´t pop up in the future
  4. My store has only ordered Clemence in Café, this season; I wanted a Clemence Birkin in Ebene and my SA told me they hadn't ordered any Ebene.....luckily I managed to find one from a FANTASTIC reseller:kiss:, who is also a member here....But I don't think it's being fased out, it's so different from Café. Probably small stores (like mine) only have a certain quota of Birkins for each season, so they have to alternate the colors a bit.
  5. Ebene is such a great classic color, I'd like to think it wouldn't be discontinued.
  6. I don't think it's being discontinued. Cafe is the "IN" brown colour for AW2007, that's all. And as with all seasonal introductions, the focus this season is Cafe.
  7. Last week I've been in my local Hermès store (in France) to discuss my order for a Kelly in clemence in ebene. The SA said, that ebene is not available anymore (no matter which leather) and it's beeing replaced by café. He says, there is no difference in color though, just in name. Mind you, this applies to AW 2008.
    Of course it is possible, that there are still bags around in Ebene. Lucky to find one!

    Trying to verify the color Café I came across another mystery:
    If you click onto Hermès Reference Library> Hermès Colors>Brown Color Family...Pics Only!>Page 4, you'll see a Kelly in Clemence Café (Post #57), followed by a Birkin in Clemence Café (Post #58).
    Even bad lighting can't explain the total difference in color!!!

    Quite difficult to say what is going on exactly....

    I just pray the SA is wrong, as my heart is set on Ebene.
  8. Bad news, I'm afraid.
    I just called Hermès in Duesseldorf,Germany and they confirmed that Ebene is not any longer available and there is no information if and when it will be reintroduced.
    Better don't hestitate if you see one (at least a good justification to buy another bag)!
    All in all it is pretty depressing though.
  9. ^^ my store has received no such information. My impression is that it's just not one of the colours offered at the podium. It doesn't translate to discontinuation.
  10. A very nice SA of the Hermès boutique in Cannes (France) will check the matter with Paris.
    She'll come back to me today or tomorrow. Then we'll know for sure!
  11. Thank you, MaiTai. Information is never quite consistent nor accurate all the time. So if Paris can confirm, that would be great.

    I wish our dear lilach can advise us too.
  12. I've seen several bags at my store in Clemence Café, and, at least in this leather, Café is TOTALLY different from Ebene! So I really hope Ebene WON'T be phased out!
  13. Same is true at my was available in clemence...chocolate was available in togo...ebene was not available in clemence or togo...sigh...I also wanted a clemence birkin in my ebene togo kelly...
  14. I agree. Probably just "giving it a rest" for the season. It's very different from Cafe, so I don't think it could be considered a replacement...JMHO, of course.
  15. I'm sure if it's discontinued, it wont be gone for long and its absence will makes our hearts grow fonder . . . . which is EXACTLY what H wants :idea: