The "Funny Leather Keychains" thread :)

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I really love this leather keychains : so cute and funny !!! and still very H!!!
    They reminds me the perfect time of childhood:love: ...

    I was wondering how many "Funny" keychains are or was available...
    I've done a search but I didn't found a similar thread...

    Last time I was at FSH, there were :
    - a black cat
    - a pumpkin
    - a panda
    - a ladybug
    - a pink pig
    - a tiger

    I know there is also :
    - a snowman
    - a heart

    Is there some more ???
    Can we recense all the patterns/models here :idea: and maybe post pics :graucho: ...
  2. Great !!!!!!!
    Thank you Fopduck !!!!!!!!!