The Funniest Thing Happened to Me Today...

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  1. SO I was an hour from home and one minute from LV ;) in Yorkdale today and decided to slip into another place to make a quick inquiry. The most lovely SA came up to assist me right away. After she took care of my inquiry, she commented that she liked my bag. I was carrying my Mirage Speedy, of course, because do I ever carry anything else these days?!?....and anywhoo, I thanked her and started to babble something about it being an LE from fall '07 and then my voice trailed off as I noticed she was looking at me in the most strange way. A good strange, not a bad strange. She hesitated and looked at me for a few moments as if trying to decide what to say next and then she asked me if my name was 'Cyndee'. I was completely flabberghasted and said yes. All the while I'm searching her face, trying to remember where I know this beautiful young lady from. I was beginning to think that my age was definately catching up with me as I couldn't place her for the life of me!! She then looked down at my bag, looked up and said, "I'm XXXX, I know you from tPF".
    WELL! You could have knocked me over with a feather! She had instantly recognised my bag from the pics of her I had posted on tPF. Since I have my Mirage all dressed up, I guess it wasn't hard for her to recognise THE BAG!! lol! It was just the cutest thing ever and totally made my day! Anyway, she knows who she is and it was just great meeting her. I'm so glad she didn't let the moment pass and told me who she was.
  2. hahah very cool ;) i'd love for that to happen to me some day. lol.
  3. i think that's sooo cool! :smile: i've had that happen because of people who view my blog - but i think yours was waaay better because she recognized you AND your bag! LOL
  4. aw cute story!
  5. Hahah that's awesome! What a coincidence!
  6. hehe what a fun story!
  7. That is great! And completely funny. I don't know that I would remember most people's users names, but I'm horrible with all names.
  8. Awww....what a great story! love it
  9. awww that's a sweet story!
  10. You're braver than I am.....
    I think I would be mortified if that happened to me....but then again, it's important to have my privacy due to my profession.
  11. what a nice story
  12. awww cute story!!! :tender: thanks for sharing
  13. Aw such a nice story!!
    when i hear the people that come into LV when i'm there talking alot about the bags like all the information and stuff about the new releases i always think "Hmm could they be a TPF member??"
  14. Haha! Great story!!!!!
  15. Yeah, it was quite an amazing experience. I forgot to mention that just before she began to tell me who she was, she very gently took my hand and started to shake it. Only after shaking it for a few seconds, did she begin to speak and explain who she was.
    She was completely professional and sweet the entire time. She just carried herself so nicely. Her approach was completely understated and she didn't embarrass me or make me feel uncomfortable in any way. I was completley flattered and astonished in the most pleasant way ever!