The funds are not available.

  1. I sold an item, the buyer asked if she can pay in money order, I said yes. A day or two later, I saw the payment on my paypal account.

    This morning I saw that there is a hold with reason "the funds are not available while this transaction is being reviewed"

    Should I be worried? What should I do since I already shipped the item?

  2. yikes! Can you call and stop the shipment? this is a seller's nightmare
  3. I believe she got the package yesterday. I found this out today.

    What else can I do?
  4. Did you get delivery or signature confirmation? If so, send that info to paypal.
  5. go straight to paypal and open a claim-good luck - so rubbish when things like this happen
  6. ITA, this is definitely a sellers nightmare - being out the bag and the money. Good luck, and keep us posted.
  7. You sent the bag prior to receiving payment?
  8. Swanky, I don't think she did - it sounds like eBay put a hold on the funds after she sent the bag.

    This happened to me recently. PayPal put a hold on the funds, which means they put my account into a negative, while they do an investigation. In my case it was more than a week after I sent the bag. Luckily for me the buyer has been in constant contact with me and I will be receiving the bag back hopefully in a week or so.:sweatdrop:
  9. she said they were paying via money order though. . . I'm thinking they said that, she mailed it and then they changed to Paypal{?}
  10. No, the buyer asked if she can pay me with money order, I said yes. I told her, mail it to me and I will ship it out after I cash it.

    A few days later, I saw her payment on my paypal I shipped it the day after that.

    The tracking number said it was delivered yesterday. I found about the "funds are not available" this morning.
  11. that stinks, i would give paypal a call and see what they recommend and you can ask them what's up with your money
  12. You should have received an email from PayPal requesting certain information about the transaction. If not, you can email them here:

    and provide PayPal the following information:

    Also contact the buyer immediately and see if it isn't just some big misunderstanding.

  13. I agree, either call paypal or email them asap. Calling might be better, tell them that the item was delivered and you dont have the money anymore.
  14. Good luck I hope you will get your money back..
  15. I had this happen - but I was the buyer... In my case it was a genuine mistake, bec my bank had cancelled the direct transfer without telling me (still dont' know why) so of course paypal went through the card... and I had forgotten to update the account.
    As I had cancelled the card, paypal couldn't get to the funds and in the end suspended the account.

    I talked to the seller straight away who was lovely and very patient - I say contact the buyer to see what happened - she may send the money order and then arrange her issues with paypal separately.

    Hope you get your money back.