The fullest full coverage?

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  1. Hi!

    I need fuller than full, full coverage foundation.

    I've tried several and nothing really seems to get me where I would like to be. I'm beginning to think my expectations are too high, lol!

    I have a red scar on my face and large pores. I am also quite pale.

    I do moisturize and use a mid ranged priced primer. I'm currently using derma blend and Kevyn Aucion (sp?) as concealor underneath minerals. Derma and Kevyn are ok, but I'm hoping there is something better out there.

    Please share your opinions.
  2. I'm a huge fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. It's full coverage. You can go to the Estee Lauder counter and get a 10 day sample to try it before you spend the money on it.
  3. Super! Love some samples :smile:
  4. Estée Lauder makes another foundation called Maximum Coverage Camouflage make up that is super full coverage. Only thing is the colors are very limited.

    Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation is super pigmented. As well as Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. Also Cover Fx Total Cover Cream foundation is great with a huge color selection. You can find all those at Sephora.
  5. There's a brand, I think it's called Dermablend, that is made just for your purposes.

    Also, try the IT cosmetics cc cream, it's super thick.

    If your scar is still red, the dermatologist may be able to give you something to help heal it.
  6. I used the Estée Lauder maximum coverage several years ago and liked it until they changed their formula and the colors didn't work for me anymore. The lightest was too light and the next up was too dark. I also used Estée Lauder double wear when I was in high school and for the life of me I don't remember why I stopped using it. I will definitely have to revisit it. I will likely revisit the maximum coverage line as well because I feel enough time may have passed for the formulas to have changed again.

    I use Dermablend occasionally but the color is a little off. It covers ok, but doesn't wear well throughout the day. I can use it as a concealer with so so results.

    I really like the IT brushes but have yet to try their products. I am definitely interested! :smile:

    In regards to the CC creams.... Do you use that in lieu of moisturizer and primer or in addition to?

    The scar is 37 years old. I went to a vein doctor several years ago got laser treatments. No improvement whatsoever. It's not normal scar tissue, it's a red mark that looks like a "hickey" on my cheek bone under my left eye. I fell and hit my face on the curb when I was a toddler. I was running from my mom because I wanted to walk by myself. Independence comes at a price, I tell ya!

    I'm really curious about the Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs and Cover Fx. The closest Sephora is an hour away and I don't get up there much. I'll be able to go weekend after next hopefully.

  7. I totally agree !
  8. I wear Estée Lauder double wear and I'm very fair and it holds up to to my 12 hour shift in the ER just great and I'm taking face masks on and off all shift and doing CPR, I sweat and I am hard on my makeup and so far this works the best for me whilst still looking natural.

    Have you ever tried silicone patches on your scar? I ask because I had a good 1" wide scar on my back from 20 years ago, it was red and raised and after 4 months of wearing the silicone patches it is barely visible, the redness 95% is gone.

  9. I used them several years ago where I had a small mole removed. I didn't realize you had to use it for 4 months. I think I quit after like a month and a half.

    I have not tried them on my facial scar. Although the tissue isn't raised it's very red and definitely couldn't hurt.
  10. You can use them for quite a few months, there's no side effect, my surgeon recommended them for 4 months because the scar is so old but they can work very well on older scars.
    Wouldn't hurt to try at bedtime maybe? You can reuse the patch a few times, I just held it on with a bandaid if the "stick" began to fade. I'd do it on bare skin, so apply your moisturizer around it.

    I just started using the IT Bye-Bye Undereye concealer and it's also holding up without creasing for the 12 hours. Not sure how well it would work for you but worth a shot maybe?
  11. I think someone else mentioned it, but the Kat Von D Lock It foundation is full coverage, I've had a few friends rave about it and there's currently a limited edition set on the Sephora website, which includes the shade of your choice, a beauty blender, and deluxe size beauty blender liquid cleanser for $60 CAD. If you're looking for a long-lasting foundation I'd try Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear, this normally gets me through an entire day (16-18 hrs). It also provides excellent coverage and is buildable.
  12. I can second estee lauder double wear foundation! it's my go to foundation. I'm a dancer so I need so very heavy duty stuff and this stuff dries completely matte and never breaks me out like how mac does.

    wear it with makeup forever concealer and your skin will look flawless
  13. I visited the Estée Lauder counter this past weekend and the lightest shades in maximum coverage and double wear are entirely too dark for my face :sad:. I ended up getting a sample of Lancôme 24 hour foundation and it doesn't provide enough coverage. However it performed well around my eyes and went on very smooth.

    I will have to go to Sephora or Macys soon to look at more options.
  14. Well I went to sephora yesterday and was told I was not a match in the Kat Von D and Mark Jacobs foundations. I ended up leaving with samples of Becca, Hourglass, and Cover FX. I tried the Becca this morning and ended up washing it off. Seemed to provide only mediocre coverage with the first layer and became caked with an additional layer. It did not cover the scar and with additional concealer made it look worse.
  15. So I love Sephora, but Ulta has s better selection when it comes to super full coverage foundations.