The fruits of my weekend!

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  1. Since I bought the Chanel, I didn't buy the black satchel I had my eye on. But I did find these...

    What do you think ladies, a keeper?
    Project1.jpg Project2.jpg Project4.jpg
  2. The watch is beautiful! I love the color.
  3. I love the much was it? My local Nordstrom Rack has some for $99.00, is it worth it? I don't wear watches much partly b/c I don't have any. Congrats thanks for sharing.
  4. I have that Lexington in red and I absolutely ADORE it!!! You won't be sorry for buying a Coach watch. And I assume that is the Contact Case? If it is and you wear contacts (which again, I assume or why would you buy it...haha) you won't be sorry for having that either. What a classy and stylish way to carry something so necessary?!?!?!?

    KEEPERS IN MY BOOK!!!!!!!! Did you get good deals?!?!
  5. LOVE the watch. it's such a gorgeous color.
    i wish i could wear cute watches, but i'm allergic to every type of metal known to unless coach has a plastic watch...
    but good for you :smile:
  6. PF go for it!! It retails for almost 400 the lady said, let me find the reciept, I already filed it away, but 99 dollars is an AMAZING deal! I wish I found something like that!

    corundogs I was debating back and forth whether to get the red one or this one, everyone said go for the red, but I went for the blue, and I went back thinking I should exchange it but the other SA loved the blue lol and so I kept it.

    Thanks girls for the compliements!!

    kallison, Nike made some really cute plastic watches, and i think so did MJ?
  7. Not that it is any of my business, but if you paid that $400 (I think that is right, $398) you should really look on eBay. I got mine for a great deal of $87 because one of the big Coach watch sellers starts some auctions for $24.24 and lets them go to whatever the bidding takes them to. But she also lists lots of BIN, and I think she lists this watch for $170????

    The blue is a GORGEOUS color - don't you love the thick Pig Skin band??? It has really stood up to the wear and tear I put things through. I wore it every single day, never taking it off except to shower - even through washing my face and hands and often getting it wet - for well over 9 months and it looks brand new. I stopped wearing it though except when I go out because I do want it to last forever. I was even thinking of contacting Coach to get a replacement band so that in 10 years I can just replace the band and wear it for another 10 years (for example)

    And if you wear alot of blue, it is perfect for you! I wear exclusively red (or black or camel that I can wear red accents and accessories - I know, I am weird!), so the red is obviously better for me. But it is a really nice color that will go with many colors besides blue and if that works for your wardrobe, you made the right choice :yes:

    But like I said, if you paid full price and are interested in seeing if you can get a better deal, let me know!
  8. really? that's good to know! i'll have to look into that.
    i know i'm not the only person out there with metal allergies, so i'm surprised there aren't more options with watches. i was afraid i was always destined to wear cheap target watches (which are semi cute, but nothing i would brag about)
  9. Very cute! I love the colors.
  10. It's a steal. I say keep it! Gorgeous color too!
  11. nice color for the watch!
  12. Aww.. the watch is so pretty !
  13. Thanks all! I can't find the reciept! I don't know what happened to it.. and I have every purchase (minus, you know, starbucks and such) filed away in this little file thing just in case, especially for coach outlet stuff and I cannot find it, and this is the biggest purchase I made from that outlet..:Push:
  14. found it LOL! okay 10 dollars off contacts case and 238 dollars off the watch, so it was 119.20. Gonna take the watch on a road test tomorrow!
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