The Fruit of My Weekend!

  1. okay girls i have finally found camera!!!
    their all sitting on my dresser awaiting for their closeup,

    but lo and behold of course i dont have the memory card. so rather then me going to get it lol, i kinda sent someone else :biggrin: so i am awaiting for the card, charging up the batteries and will finally be able to show you what i got!

    it was:
    apple coin purse
    starfish key fob
    fruit key fob

    i bought a scarf, but i returned it because it didnt suit my hair, and i was all set to buy the daphne..till i saw it and tried it. while beautiful and trendy, im not a bag holding person, i need my hands free, and it kept falling off of my shoulder :sad: and i couldnt put my arm over it comfortably and the leather wristlet i went back for..well all that were left was horribly damaged ones. and lol the soho nano case sold out, i knew i should have picked it up friday itself grrr:yucky: but oh well it wasnt meant to be. so within the hour (hopefully) i'll be able to show you what i got! the first time i've ever been able to do so!!
  2. I cant wait to see, they all sound fabulous :heart:
  3. oh they had some okay umbrellas, but i decided to pick up this nautica one, its blue and white with a bright warmer yellow cushion handle and velcro that opens when i press the button..for 14 bucks!! i figured i'll use this for when i have no idea what the weather will be and find a nice stick ones for when i want to pretend im gallavanting through london :smile:
  4. here is the group pict! i still have to attach the indiviual picts. enjoy!!
    group accessories.jpg
  5. Cute Stuff!
  6. these are my coach accessories as of right now :smile:
  7. thanks!!
  8. Ooh! I love everything, seriously! :heart:3
  9. heres the indivisual ones i promised!!
    agenda.jpg apple fruit.jpg skinny.jpg key fobs.jpg
  10. aww thanks :smile:) this sub forum has taught me a new appreciation for coach :smile:
  11. ill add pricing and better picts of key fobs later.
  12. I love when you guys post pictures :heart:3
  13. Great Finds! I love the agenda & mini it orange & white?
  14. Love the keychain! Yesterday I went to the new Coach outlet that they opened in Pleasant Prairie WI. They had the similar chain with little purses on it, it was soooo cute. There were only two left, and the place was PACKED. Doubt it's there anymore, I should have grabbed it. :sad:
  15. the agenda was 30 bucks!! 168 to 30...yeah ill take that :biggrin: i wanted the black but i couldnt say no to that price. the key fobs were less then 15 each if i remember correctly, the fruit 20 something.