The French Company? Malletier?

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  1. Have been checking out Speedy's on eBay and have seen several 25's made by "The French Company". They are older, have leather that starts mid-color, thicker handles, a different locking mechanism, and a strip of leather running from side to side across bottom: the momogram runs from top to bottom on both sides of the bag.

    What's your view of these? More or less "desirable"?

    Also, what about speedy's made by Vuitton Malletier???
  2. Less desirable for me... I dislike the strip of leather running across the bottom. It's also difficult to find a Malletier without a really dark patina.
  3. i've seen some on ebay also. there's one that's in really great condition.
  4. I actually prefer the look of the French Company Speedy. If it was in good condition I would prefer a French Co. one. Overall, I get the sense that they are less desirable.
  5. i dont like the look of them.
  6. i like the french company ones alright but it's hard to find ones that aren't totally thrashed. they also look more like luggage to me. i prefer the newer style, and would rather pay the extra $$ to get a new one that is just mine. :smile:

    i get the impression that they are less desirable in general.
  7. I've seen the name "MALLETIER SPEEDY" associated with the "Doctor's Bag"
  8. I don't like them either.
  9. Those are just too vintage for me. I'd rather just buy a new Speedy.
  10. Some people love vintage and I am one of them!

    The FC was given a special license by LV to make Speedys in the US before LV had factories there. What is desireable about these IMO is the treated leather and very cool Tuck locks.

    Malletier Speedys were the first Speedys with vachetta from France.


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  11. I like them! I have a 40 year old speedy 25 from the french company and i adore it!
  12. p.s. i also personally like the clippy things on the zipper....hehe.
  13. So what exactly is French company?
  14. The French Company is now called French Luggage

    The FC was given a special license by LV to make Speedys in the US before LV had factories there
  15. I also like the new ones best. But love the story about them.
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