The French are Nice and Like American Tourists

  1. :yes: I met a lady in a shop, yesterday, who said it breaks her heart when she hears that some of my American friends think the French don't like them:crybaby: since she and others love them and appariciate their positive attitudes.

    Just after I left her, on the way to a meeting, I saw a sign in a
    restaurant window written in English:

    "Our menues are in English, if you don't understand English, we can provide you with a French one":yahoo: :tender: How adorable.

    Wouldn't you be sad if you really liked someone and they accused you of hating them based on hearsay?
  2. uh oh, I posted this thread in the wrong place! my bad! sorry mods!
  3. hi! i have some french friends, and so far all of them are very nice except for this one playboy guy, which is also very handsome so he's forgiven ha ha ha...
    i think maybe it's because not many french speaks english, so it's kinda hard for non speaking french communicates when they visit the country.
    and also i admit, some movies that shows french snobby people influenced others perception although maybe they don't know any french.
  4. Yes, I think you are right, seahorseinstripes, I think it can also look like someone is a snob when they are struggling to understand a language which you know vaguely, but is not your mother tongue. I must have looked like a real ***** when I first arrived in Paris, looking stressed and hardly at ease while I tried to understand them! I can only imagine the impression I must have made when I was just trying to understand!

    I realized that when I was speaking to a French friend of mine in English. His face gets so contorted and he looks annoyed!:yucky: a little like this as he struggles to understand every word. I guess we all look like that sometimes. Even my accent can cause a look like that:Push: not because they hate me, just because they just want to be sure they understand me.
  5. i agree :P
  6. that's adorable!!!

    Yeah, I agree.
    Unfortunately there's always going to be stereotypes and people who actually endorse them, like we've seen in other threads ;)

    Like here in TX, people think the girls have big hair and the guys drive trucks and wear Wranglers, that we actually think we're our own country:roflmfao:

    NYers have the stigma of being rude as well.
    My in-laws are from there and they're not rude.

    That' s a cute story Jennifer and that sign is FAB!:yes:
  7. I find it so funny that Texas Aggie jokes are told in French here and called Belgium jokes! So, if it helps at all, the Belgium people are Frances answer to Texas Aggies! Incredible. They are exactally the same jokes!

    (And I love Belgium! Especially Bruges! And CHOCOLATE! And everything else wonderful Belgium has to offer! Including Axel Red! So, don't hate me my Belgian friends!)
  8. LOL don't forget their french fries!! mmmmmmm!
  9. Thank God, there is hope for my trip to Paris after all!
  10. Exactally! Why do we call them French fries anyway? They don't come from France!
  11. Of course, you will love it!:yes:
  12. I don't know considering every knows that Belgian fries are the best! :heart: Although they do have weird ketchup there...ever had it? its like jam!! (this was in Antwerp).
  13. No, I have never tried it! jam! ick!
  14. I went to france right after the Iraq war began. I was totally afraid that I would be harrased. But it was the total opposite. People went so out of their way to explain to me that, while they didn't agree w/ Bush (and i often don't myself!), they had nothing against INDIVIDUAL Americans and were really happy that I was there.

    Complete strangers were totally warm and cordial and I had so many fascinating conversations. They were also very indulgent of my pathetically weak french and tried to speak English when they could.

    I was absolutely impressed and felt so welcomed.