the frankie

  1. OK so i am thinking of getting my 1st kooba bag. the frankie.. I am wondering how it looks on though... Does anyone own this bag? Can i see some pictures of someone wearing it? Thank you super super much
  2. no one??
  3. Did you check the thread "Pictures of Your Koobas"? I think ladysalesrep has a Frankie, though I don't think she's modelling it. I don't think I've seen any photos of the Frankie on a tPF member. Check out They do have a photo with a model for sure, though its not as good as a real live person. (Those models don't qualify; they're too skinny.)

    I do like the Frankie myself, though I don't own one.
  4. Yes, I have a Frankie in bourbon. It was the first Kooba I had ever seen and I loved the detail.

    It is a small to medium satchel style with a unique double section and a third little hidden zip pocket inbetween the folds.

    I do not carry it alot, mainly because I have a ton of bags and switch often. It is only a hand carry for me, although someone small could carry it on their shoulder, it is just too tight for me to do that.

    You do not see many Frankies around, even with Kooba lovers. Perhaps it is too small for most normal use, maybe most folks prefer shoulder carry bags, not sure. I still like mine though and will probably keep her for quite some time.
    Frankie-06-3.JPG Frankie-inside-2.JPG
  5. This is a beautiful bag!!