the fragrance print items are up on the website!

  1. They are not readily there to see, but if you type "print" into the finder you can bounce off the hat to find them all even the perfume. :yes:

    Just wanted to let everyone know....Just keep looking to the right at "other things that go with"....
  2. Ooooh, thanks for the tip. Everything is so pretty! I have to have the cosmetic case and one of each of the perfumes! :p
  3. Pretty! I really like the the cosmetic case/clutch.
  4. I love this print. I'm on the fence as to which one to get - the wristlet ($98)or the cosmetic case ($128). Both are kind of pricey though. Since they're a limited edition, they'll probably sell out quick. Decisions, Decisions...
  5. I think the cosmetic case is cute with the kiss lock!
  6. the pouch is adorable!
  7. The tote...too much of a good thing but cute. I do not like the way it does not line up. MY cosmetic case lines up.
  8. AddictedtoCoach, I love it but it reminds me of those promotional bags one gets a make-up event. The print is absolutely adorable though, I love itt.
  9. i saw them in person today at my local boutique. they are gorgeous (plus they have new shopping bags with the perfume ad pics on them).

    i personally loved the scarf (which the SAs were wearing) and the pouch.

    oh and don't even get me started on the purse spray perfume and the perfume solid . . . adorable.
  10. It looks like something is already sold out? The format for the listed items has shifted, or is it just me?
  11. At the coach store today I saw flip flop style sandals in this print. They were VERY cute. They might be on the website too - I didn't check.

  12. Ditto. Love the perfume shopping bags, and I came thisclose to getting the ponytail scarf...everyone was wearing one in a different way and they looked SO cute. I think I may have to pick one up this weekend though....maybe being on "vacation" will inspire me to go ahead and get it.....
  13. oooh this is so cute!! but $128, ouch.

  14. EEEEEEHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!

    I just got home from the Mall and bought a gift for my ROAK, another gift for my ROAK, that lucky wench...:p and a purse sized spray for me plus a pair of Samantha suglasses in the tortuose color. I will post pics tomorrow. I honestly think I will go back tomorrow and get another purse sized for my best friend and then perhaps the solid for me. It is very nice perfume.

    Not too floral or spicy, blends well with my chemistry and has a wonderful dry down. The package is TDF, as you all say. lol