The Four Fingered Pianist

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  1. This story is so inspiring...the pianist has only four fingers in both hands- TOTAL!!

    It moved me very much to watch this story. Most of all it moved me to see how much her mother loved her and took care of her.

    WARNING: some pictures of disabilities that viewers might find uncomfortable.
  2. OMG Merika, how touching, how amazing, how fabulous!
    What an inspiration this girl is & her mother, this really moved me. She is a fabulous pianist!
    We complain about such silly things! Today I was in bad form all day because my expensive American fridge/freezer packed up & I had to buy a new one! I am ashamed!
  3. ^^I know Roz. After watching this I felt so bad about complaining about little things. This girl and her mom must have had insurmountable barriers, and the grandparents and others had wanted her to be adopted away.
  4. Thanks for sharing! It is truly inspiring.
  5. Wow...I have all my fingers and have been playing since I was 5 and I thought I overcame obstacles becaue of my tiny hands...this young girl really is such an inspiration. Not just to fellow piano players like me but to everyone. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Her mother is amazing & to be applauded! I am sure she has great joy in her life, she deserves it!
  7. The story is so amazing. I can't even imagine going through what she's gone through. Thanks for posting Merika! It's so inspiring!
  8. wow. this is so touching. thanks for sharing...
  9. That is incredible. What humans can do with some love and perseverance....geez, that's inspiring.
  10. That was a beautiful video, and what a charming young lady. Her and her mother certainly have a special bond, especially after all that they must have come through together. It certainly makes one reflect.