The Forum has been SLOW?

  1. Vlad, Meg,
    In the last few days I have noticed that the Forum is really slow, choppy, hangs up when I try to pull up a post or sub forum... I get a blank screen quite a few times that says the "database" is having problems??
    I will hop over to other sites and they are not having trouble, so I know its not my computer.
    Has anyone else noticed?
  2. The forum will be undergoing a huge move this weekend (I think starting tomorrow). It is on the announcement at the top of tPF. We will be moving to a new hosting company and adding 2 new servers- this should really help so that the forum is always moving quick. So just hang tight!
  3. Thanks much Meg.
    I am so sorry... I should have looked a little more before I made another post. Bad bad girl....
    Good luck with the upgrade!!! I know it must be much work for the both of you!
    Thanks again for all you do for us.