The Forgotten Mischa.....Drooool

  1. I think I must have lost my mind while missing out on this bag. Now it's so hard to find I am lost to it forever probably. I think the Canvas might be a great alternative to the sensative leathers we have seen. I had the Leather Nisha that was similar to this but I think this ones rules. Have any of you had one of these bags?


  2. You know, that is the 'perfect' bag for a school girl to carry her laptop. They love love love that messenger style. I bet my daughter would adore one of these but where on earth would I ever find one???

    The hunt begins.....
  3. Wow, what an interesting bag! Do you think it's available at all? Or even in other colors?? I'd like one to shlep my laptop about in. :smile:
  4. Ahhh... I love the lacing... it's very Marcellesque. It looks like it would be a good work bag too; big enough for papers, files, and books - Oh my!

    I think this one is going to be really hard to find though!!!
  5. Could it be the Mischa only appears large because it's being carried by a toothpick with arms?

    Man, that girl could turn sideways and dissapear..

    Cute style though; what other colors did it come in?
  6.'re right....that is one s-k-i-n-n-y girl!
  7. I could fatten that body up in two weeks, tops.
  8. I'm going to have to investigate...I don't know if it came in any other colors but a darker shade could be cool. SalesRep, you and your daughter will have to wait because the first Mischa I see wil be mine if the price is right.

    And you know what...I have lost many a great bags by not wanting to pay the price and waiting for a better price to come along. My new Motto...Carpe Diem....Sieze the Day!

    And that girl's waist put Scarlett Ohara to shame! She seriously needs a sandwich or 2 or 3.
  9. LOL! :p
    Very cute - no wonder it went fast!
  10. I've seen the Marcelle in that canvas; they have popped up periodically on e-bay over the pat few months. But this bag is much more attractive in canvas I think.
  11. In my search I found this bag on a site that sold Balenciaga's for 250.00 so I'm sure it must have been fake too.
  12. Nope,that's a new one on me. I have the Nisha but never knew about the Mischa. Cute!
  13. LOL Lexie, let me tell you something; I mentioned the Mischa to you a few months ago and you went "I could never take to that bag" (or something like that, LOL)

    I know what it's like, bags grow on you and the 2005/06 collection was fab compared to what's happening with Kooba now..seems like we're all going back to this collection to see what we can salvage from it, it just had so many fabulous bags...

    Think the Mishca would look great in leather (and I never took much notice of it either..:p)
  14. Doesn't that cream canvas look a bit fragile..?