The Forgotten Bag Club***Enablers Welcome

  1. All across the world in a dark dark cupboard, on a dark dark shelf, inside a dark dark bag there sits a forgotten bag.

    The forgotten bag sobs quietly to itself but nobody hears it's cries "why don't they love me anymore??" The forgotten bag ponders in the dark.

    Together we can help stop the suffering of the Forgotten bags of this world, Enablers unite and help rekindle the love of the forgotten bag.

    Now if any of you are wondering what the hell I'm going on about I've noticed a lot of people feeling a little down about their bags lets call it Vuitton Fatigue. We all have a forgotten bag, that bag that you haven't used in so long you almost forgot you had it well it's time for a refresh!!
    Dust off the forgotten bag and renew your love for Vuitton!!

    Please post what is your forgotten bag, what you haven't used for so long (and maybe even why) then enablers that's where you come in...inspire the person to wear the forgotten bag tell them why you love it and help them remember why they bought it.

    I'll get the ball rolling....Mono Musette Salsa Long Strap I haven't used this bag in so long I think half of the reason was I got so many new LE's & I rekindled the love for my speedy 25. Tomorrow I'm putting the speedy away & bringing out Miss Salsa!!

    Let's show those forgotten bags we still love you
  2. Two things: My Abbesses and Porte Cartes Simple. :push:
  3. I haven't used my poppincourt in SOOOOOOO long the vachetta on it didnt even patina yet. T_T i really should carry her but when i go to work i carry alot of stuff so i just use my speedy.
  4. Oh gawsh, Mandrian Jasmin-orange just don't go well w/Asian skin tone....:crybaby: but the color is TDF!
  5. my Porte cartes simple and my keepall 50 :sad: but I love both of them and they know that
  6. i have too many bags these bags haven't seen the outside world in forever:

    Musette Tango (Bought this bag when I got my Master's Degree--I love her bu she's tiny)
    Vavin PM (First bag I bought after getting divorced)
    Petite Bucket (but it needs to be repaired inner vuitton linining is flaking off)
    Mini Looping (First LV bag that my current DH bought for me)

    I guess I'll work on taking them out for a spin!!!
  7. mmm... i have the perfect solution: gimme those bags that have been neglected! i'll show 'em some love! LOL... j/k.

    i have several bags from other brands (Gucci, Burberry, Fendi, etc) that i've neglected because i use most of my LV bags so much, and i try to rotate as often as possible... the one bag i have never used is my Lexington in noisette. i initially purchased it for evenings out, but just never found the occasion to take it out... sadly, it's still sitting in the dustbag.

  8. How can you not use a portes cartes simple you must have CC or ID or something card shaped??

    I love the abbesses it's perfect for school/work
  9. I would have to say my Cabas Piano, mono papillon 26, & Cerises speedy. Oh and I can't forget my beige/red Antigua MM.
  10. Ok Ladies & Gents your mission tomorrow is to take of these poor neglected items out into the world
  11. I would say my ellipse and my backpack....
  12. oh no we got's not really a club in the true sense more of a support group...oh well
  13. I still have not used my MC white PTI, MC keepall in black and Sac Chien dog carrier. All are still in original wraping never taken out since leaving LV in SF.
  14. mmm..My Damier Cles. Ever since my Pearl Vernis came, the Damier cles has been in the dust bag.
  15. Hmmm, mostly all my bags. But I must say that my Manhattan GM has been in it's dustbag the longest. Maybe I'll take that baby out on Saturday to get a little sun.