the FOO FIGHTERS were filming a music video today in.........

  1. my local mall!! It was hilarious! At first I had no idea who is was. There were a bunch of teenage girls wearing pink shirts with some guys face on it w/long hair and a huge mustache. I thought they were filming a mock band scene since they film a couple shows up here quite often (CSI:vegas, Zoey101). So I see on the drum set that it says the Davy Grolton Band on it and I look closer at the lead singer and it's Dave Grohl!!

    OH, OH, OH so then I head on over to Old Navy which is about 5 miles or so away from the mall and I see KELLY PACKARD in there shopping. For those who don't know who she is, she was on Baywatch and this show called California Dreams.
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  2. Oh, I can't wait to show this to DD - she is in absolute :heart: with Dave Grohl! Thank goodness she didn't know about it before hand - she'd beg me to ditch school and get her there (wherever it was in the US!)

    She's still beaming from seeing them about two weeks ago here in LA. Typical teenage lust - posters all over the room, talks about them constantly, burned out the DVD of them :nuts:

    Ah, to be that young and crazy!
  3. Oh my god. I love them. They have made some of my all-time favorite music videos (Learn to Fly...) :biggrin:
  4. Very Cool. They rock!