The follow up about my damaged Cloud Bag**long story**

  1. Thank you everyone for your concern. I found something very interesting from the whole return/exchange process yesterday, which is if someone is about to have lunch, please do not interrupt.

    I went to the talk to my SA and she was about to go for her lunch. When she saw me walked in, she was kind enough to ask me what she can help me. Then I told her what I spotted etc…. Then my SA responded the following:
    • There is a very long wait list, if I’m not satisfy with the bag, they are happy to do refund but she won’t be able to get another bag for me, so it is like I’m giving up my chance.:crybaby:
    • They don’t see anything wrong (the scuff), not that I pointed it out.
    • This is what it is from the shipping box, it hasn’t been put on the floor. Therefore, it is not a damaged/defected item. (but the leather clearly isn’t smooth on that tiny part)
    • No leather is prefect, because it is the skin of animal.
    • If I exam every bag so carefully, there isn’t any bag is prefect for me.
    • If I don’t want the bag, they will simply call the next customer on the list, she will be very happy to have that bag.
    Since she needed to leave for her lunch break, she asked another SA to assist me with my findings. During the entire conversion, they were having like “take it or leave it” attitude. The another SA just kept saying it isn’t that noticeable. (Well, not that noticeable doesn’t mean it is not a defect):cursing:

    In the end, I decided to have my money back. Because I don’t think I’m willing to pay almost 3K for a damaged bag. I was super upset, it sounded like it was my fault to be picky on a famous brand.

    In that later afternoon, I received a call from my SA. Strangely enough she called to apologize for what happed this morning, because that was her lunch time etc….and willing to exchange if she received another one and making sure that one is prefect.
    All the sudden, I was like riding a roller coaster, I was very upset this morning but then I’m kinda hoping she is going to get me another one.
  2. what awful SAs! i really think LV should make sure that all their SAs are at the "same level" KWIM?
  3. That is too bad she was like that. She probably thought you wouldn't give up the bag when she told you there would be no chance of another anytime soon. Maybe when she got back from lunch she realized she lost that sale and decided to call you to get your business back. Whatever the case, that isn't right how she treated you!
  4. I understand wanting a bag that expensive to be perfect. I had a Chanel Baby Cabas on which the threads began unraveling after carrying it one time. It was such a hard bag to come by that I wanted it repaired rather than exchanged. Chanel had it fixed for me but it is not "perfect" - the repair is noticable upon inspection of the bag. At first, I was really upset. Then, I was just like - get over it! It is just a bag and through use it will take a beating anyways! I was soooo upset when it happened though. . . I wish you luck in getting another one. The SA's sound like they weren't too kind to you.:sad: I completely understand wanting a perfect bag.
  5. Paying that much for a bag, you would EXPECT it to be perfect!
  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that they can get you another one
  7. Sorry you had to go through all this trouble. Hopefully they will get you a brandy new Cloud. Keep us updated :smile:
  8. That was unacceptable for the SA's to behave in that way...Shame on them!.
    The bag was very expensive so they should have understood that you wanted something perfect and not like the bag you recieved. Im sure they are not millionaires and if they were in your situation, they would have done the same thing. Im glad the SA called you back but she needs to be told that she cannot go around doing this and so do the other SA's. I would write a letter to LV telling them about your experience and about the damaged bag. :flowers:
  9. how awful! she should never treat you like that! i hope you find a better SA to do your purchases from in the future. this one doesn't deserve your patronage. and i hope you get a new olympe bag too!
  10. If you spend so much money on a bag, why not expect it to be perfect. For me, approx 3K would be six months rent, a semester in state if I was spending that kind of money I sure as heck would want my item to be perfect!
  11. I would have done the exact sam thing if I were you. If I spent that much on a bag, I'd expect it to be perfect. With regards to the SA's behaviour, that wasnt right. Like someone said, she probably realised she lost a sale and so she called you back.
  12. That wasnt right of you sa.
  13. I hope you'll get a perfect one.
  14. Im so sorry that happened. You did the right thing for sure. I hope you get a new one, that is PERFECT! Let us know!
  15. I think your SA just called to smooth things over so you don't ***** her out to her manager :s