The Flooding of Fakes (and oh my, "AAA" cabats)

  1. So I feel that when the fakes start flooding in, it means that the brand is highly-coveted. BV is certainly getting there in terms of being in the public eye, and thus, the fakes are continuing to flood in.

    I wanted to warn you of the variety of "stock" that is being sold on iOffer and other sites. You will be so surprised at the type of intricate detail and variety that they are making:

    More shockingly, I wanted to show you the "AAA Cabat" that they have on sale. Very, very similar to what you see on eBay... notice the Q&A at the bottom. Buyer asks if it is a "AAA" and the seller says "of course or else I wouldn't be selling it this high ($350).":wtf:

    Wow they really have all kinds!!!! :cursing:
  2. Oh God, this is just disgusting!!! :sick:
  3. I know, it's depressing, isn't it? :sad:
  4. Blech! This makes me sad b/c I feel like I can't trust anything on eBay now. Even if it's a reputable seller, they may get something from a thrift shop that's a "AAA" fake and not realize it.
  5. That's just awful! Thank you for pointing this out, Bunkie! We will all exercise more caution because of you!
  6. that is really terrible. Poor cabat deserves more than that. it takes 2 people 2 days to make it-$350 is simply not enough. I mean if we are going to spend that much, why not buy the real deal. But it makes it hard when I want some last season items because the store doesnt sell them anymore. all i could do is call the outlet and hopefully someone will have it.
  7. Ughh, that is really awful. Thanks for the cautionary note.
  8. Has anyone ever seen a good BV fake up close? Does it in any way *feel* like BV? I can't imagine that it could...
  9. Whoa, someone should report the person selling the Cabat. If they're claiming to sell an "authentic" bag for that low you know something isn't quite right.
  10. You said exactly how I feel.:crybaby:
  11. wow - depressing. have never seen a fake BV upclose so no idea how they feel.
  12. I know, it's very sad. But on an optimistic note, fake-makers don't invest in manufacturing copies of bags unless they anticipate a huge popularity with them. This is a good sign for the brand and for those who own authentic BV's. I believe it's part of a brand's growth process. Some people in the industry say, you haven't made it until you are chasing fake factories. From all of the Louis Vuitton monogram bags manufactured in the entire world only 1% are authentic and 99% are fake (quoted from a Forbes article). Go figure.

    In the meantime, if you ever do purchase on eBay, be sure to take it to your local BV store or make sure your seller is highly reputable. (Or at least ask for a lot of pictures so you can see the heat stamping inside and the tags and such)
  13. I've emailed the store manager at my local boutique with the info, thanks for the tip
  14. Just be really careful with bags on ebay. Some of them look really authentic and in fact they are not. as Bunkie mentioned, the seller's reputation is really important. Always ask for a copy of the receipt from a department store or even better a BV boutique-try not to buy anything from ebay when seller purchased the item from another ebayer.
  15. that is scary some of those bv on the pics looks real