The Fleurs Key Holder

  1. I am just about ready to order the Fleurs key holder from Eluxury. How many of you own it and does it hold up well? I am interested in this keychain only as a keychain and not as a bag charm.
  2. I have it and love it!!! I use it as a bag charm :graucho: but thats because I dont want it to scratch against my keys and risk cracks and all that. Its too pretty to get ruined :nuts:. I know I know, its supposed to be a keyholder LOL. I use the mono 6 key holder for my keys instead because it keeps them organized and not clanking against each other.
  3. I own the fleurs key holder and I honestly don't think it will hold up to the abuse that key chains take. It only has lobster clasp which opens easily and prolly wouldn't keep keys secure. It is a very cute accessory but I will only ever use it as a bag charm.
  4. I would only use it as a bag charm.
  5. I have it also, and I do not think it would hold up as a key holder either. Best only for a bag charm. A member on TPF already had to take theirs back for repair/replacement I read on an much earlier thread. Do not know if they used it as a key holder and that is why, but the closure on it is not perfect. One had to kinda manually close it right if you know what I mean.
  6. I'd only use it as a bag charm. It will scratch too easily with keys.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. Now I won't order the Fleurs. Maybe the 4 key holder in mono would be best?????
  8. I use it day and night as my gets smacked all the time and I've had it since the week it was released with no problems , no scratchs either. So relax and buy that is a keychain that will make you smile :party:
  9. I have it but only use it as a purse charm. I love it but I don't think I would ever use it as an actual keychain.
  10. My mom and I both have one and we use them as bag charms. I think it *may* be a bit too delicate for a keychain since the plastic and metal piece are prone to scratches.
  11. I have it and use it as a purse charm only...I have the mono 6 key holder and love it.