The Flavor of Love

  1. Who watched it? I was CRACKING UP over "the smell" OMG

    Flava Flav is cool as :censor: as far as I am concerned. Loved him with Brigitte Nielson, really hoped he would have picked New York last season, the fact he is having "spies" thru this one will make it fun-I was very surprised he didn't cut Somethin' (the smell) and Pickled oops I mean Toastee:roflmfao:
  2. That show was hilarious! It was sooo worth waiting until 12:30 am to watch it. These women are absolutely crazy.

    However by any chance did anyone see the fight between the two girls? I am really thinking that one of the girls was on America's Next Top Model. She was one of the semifinalists and was cut and didn't make it to the Top 13. She was the one making all the comments about black people and what not. Does anyone remember her?
  3. I was waiting for someone to make a thread on Flavor..he is hilarious! That one girl I can't think of her name right now reminds me of New York w/ the make-up, looks, & attitude. Somethin could not hold her excitment or something when she received her clock..that was gross. (So embarassing)
  4. I can't believe she laid a big dookie on the floor and stairs! C'mon...if you gotta go that bad, just go to the bathroom!
  5. I watched it last night and was glued! How sick is that. I love VH1s reality shows!! That one girl who got booted for fighting was cracking me up with her baby voice and saying she offered lipbalm and the girl didnt want it. LOL LOL I think my favorite is buckwild. She is real. She reminds me of a girl I went to school with.
  6. That whole poop incident was absolutely disgusting!!!! Flava should've kicked her out when he found out that she can't hold her bodily functions.It's disgusting.
  7. do you mean H-Town (the white girl in the fight) or Eyez-they both looked familiar to me
  8. Elong I know who you mean. I am not sure its the same girl but I thought she looked really familiar too..hmmmmm
  9. When did she poop on the stairs?? I didnt watch the last 15 minutes...OH MAN! Got to catch the reruns!! Ewww nasty.
  10. I really though he would:throwup:
    When he opened the bathroom door and Somethin' said "it could happen to anyone" OH NO I DONT THINK SO:roflmfao:
  11. after the clock ceremony-hey, it may be time to break out that old picture of yours:roflmfao:
  12. lol EW! This show is just too darn gross for me to watch.
  13. H-Town. I gotta say that Eyes was funny as I don't know what. I was rolling on the floor when she started praying. :roflmfao: I need to do some research on H-town.
  14. Eyez was the spy..The one praying never got a nickname. This season looks really good w/ lots of fights & drama.
  15. Sorry. The girl praying was named Saphyr or Saphire