The flap fiesta continues! :) Pics of my HG reissue, pink flap, etc.!

  1. Hi ladies! :smile: This flapoholic is soo done until spring haha... seriously. :sweatdrop: I wasn't even actively looking for my HG reissue other than perusing eBay, because it seemed like a lost cause... then my fairy godpfer came to the rescue hehe, and now I'm the ecstatic owner of a dark gold 227 reissue, ahh (thanks soo much girl)!! :love: I kept looking at Jessica Alba's gorgeous pics, and I'm soo happy I own one too... too bad I don't have her looks to go with the bag haha (you can't win 'em all hehe). :p

    I decided to try to get my hands on a pink caviar medium flap before the new (and gross) $2395 price, and my SA found me several, but none were perfect to my anal eyes (the stitching on the sides, etc.), but a pfer's tip lead me to my brand new in perfect condition pink baby!! :heart:

    My brown expandable flap arrived today, and I absolutely LOVE it... the size lends itself to almost a tote/flap hybrid haha, and it's absolutely gorgeous in the dark brown... my Expandable tote is definitely going back (don't worry Roey and Jenn, I took some send off pics so you can see it haha). :smile:

    Lastly, Lucas (CHANELboy) is soo nice, and hooked me up with my cute ring (which matches my blue stone necklace)! I found my Black caviar wallet at NM and it's one of my favorites... I love the closure (very flap like, so I adore it!), and it has two open compartments, so you can throw your cards/$$, snap it shut, and go! :p Enjoy my crappy pics, and thanks so much for letting me share!!! :heart:
  2. CongratsI love all your new bags. I wish I had the dark gold. I am so jealous.
  3. [​IMG]

  4. Those are gorgeous, congrats!
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  8. Darn girl! I'd give you my violet flap if you can make me look as hot as you do! There's no need for Chanels. You can carry a Hefty bag and look amazing. Hand those flaps over!
  9. Great acquisitions! Congratulations on them all--they're beautiful!
  10. I just finished drooling over your other post and the fiesta continues! :drool::drool::drool: I love your new flaps. Your outfits are rockin' too!
  11. oh wow!!!! gorgeous purchases - you've done really well!! :biggrin:
    I especially love the pink classic caviar with the silver hardware :drool:

  12. czo28 and jessicaelizabet- Thank you! :heart: Aww czo, I hope you can find one too... you never know!! ;)

    Aww, thanks for enlarging the pics Lani (damn, I'm huge haha)! :smile: Ohh please haha, I know you're a total hottie (so you hand over your flaps to me haha)!! :p Ahh, I wish I had your violet caviar E/W girl... you should post a pic modeling yours so we can all drool (I'll go grab a bib or something for the occasion)!! :p

    mycarryon - Thank you!! :heart:

    Mystiletto - Haha, I can't believe I have two concurrent flap posts! :nuts: Aww, thank you soo much, you're too sweet!!! :heart:
  13. Beautiful bags!!! :drool: Your reissue is goooorgeous! Congrats! :yahoo:
  14. Thank you evenstar!! :heart: Ohhh, me too...I love pink, and I love flaps haha, so it's a match made in Chanel heaven! :p

    frannita - Thank you!! :flowers: