The Firsts…

  1. Ask anything about “Firsts.”


    When is your FIRST kiss?

    What is your FIRST subject in school?

    Who is your FIRST enemy?

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    Describe your FIRST kiss.
  2. it was very sweet! with a guy i've known since i was 4, and we're still friends today! the actual kiss was not the best i've ever had, but i dont think anybodys first kiss is that great!

    what was your first car?
  3. A 1987 VW Polo in red. I loved it :crybaby:

    What was your first designer bag?
  4. A burberry bag that I got for my 16th birthday! I've still got it in its dustbag somewhere in the back of my wardrobe, havent used it in years though!!

    what was the first record you ever bought?
  5. The Mickey Mouse Club

    Who was your first fight with?
  6. probably with one of my cousins when i was really young, i'm an only child so i didnt have siblings to fight with!!!

    where was your first vacation?
  7. My first vacation was at DisneyWorld when I was 9. :biggrin:

    Who was your FIRST celebrity crush?
  8. david hasselhoff, lol :lol:

    when was your first flight and where did you fly to?
  9. It wasn't until college and I flew to New York!!!

    Who was your first best friend?
  10. A girl named Jessica. We met in the first grade & hated each other by fourth grade!

    What was your first concert?
  11. boyzone (shamefull, i know)

    what was your first WTF! did i really spend that much on ...
  12. the rims on my car :smile:

    what was your first pet?
  13. My first pet was a hamster. His name was Sparky. Aww, I miss him! :cry:

    What was the COLOR of your FIRST car?
  14. Green

    What was your 1st job?
  15. A paper route. 5th Grade!

    Who was your first crush IRL?