The First: Too Small for Me????

  1. I really can't get to a store to try one on since Chicago is 90 miles away :tdown: And I'm debating buying a First. I have a feeling it won't be a problem holding everything...but I'm afraid I'll look like a dork wearing it.
    I'm 5'5 and a US size not tiny at all.
    I looked through the reference thread for pics and mostly saw tiny tiny gals wearing the first.
    Can someone post pics of someone around my size wearing one? Especially on the shoulder (that is my biggest worry that my arms are too big for it)!

  2. You're definitely not too big! I had 2 classiques, and I'm 5'6 or so and a size 8, and I thought the size was really perfect for days when I didn't have a lot with me. I could fit mine on the shoulder, or carried it by hand - it's a staple for every Bal gal, IMO :yes:
    Can't dig up any pics now, but I've seen much bigger gals carry one and look fantastic! Elle, Gisele, to name a few...
  3. I don't have pics modeling one, But I'm around your height and LOVE the first style!!!
  4. I think the first looks good on everyone :tup:
  5. that's a question i ask myself too: i'm 5'9 and a size 6 and i'm not sure if the first looks too small on me. :/ but in the end, i think it boils down to this -- if you think you can, you can! :smile:
  6. I'm no help, but I'd love to know too. I'm the same size as you!
  7. I'm 5'10" and have a Rouille First. The poor bag hasn't seen the light of day more than twice, I'm afraid, because it's just too small. I think it LOOKS fine, but it just doesn't hold as much as I'm used to carrying and I find it frustrating.

    If you don't need to carry much around then I think the First would be fine on you. As I said, I'm pretty tall and the bag looks fine on me -- I just wish it held more.
  8. Well I typically carry around the following (mostly LV):
    compact zip wallet
    small agenda
    2 sets of keys (one with a cles attached)
    another cles
    packs of gum
    cell phone

    I need to buy a smaller makeup pouch because I know my LV pouch won't fit in...and I won't carry makeup without a protector bag!
  9. Hmm, I have an 05 Taupe First that I carried it around to death until I realized that the bag does look too small on me - AND it doesn't carry enough of my things around for me. I'm 5"7 and wear a size 10 (and working on getting it down!) and it's just TOO small, I'm much more of a City/Work girl. I carry my whole life in my bag and the First just didn't cut it. It now sits in my closet on the top shelf. I think however, that if you can rock it, you can rock it. It's the attitude, not the body size. I totally think you can do it!
  10. Thanks couture!!!
  11. I am the same height and a UK10 (which I think is about the same size) and I think that the first is too small for me. It is lovely but I just look like I am holding someone elses bag for them!! I love the twiggy and the city. But the twiggy is my favourite size. It feels just right for me and I love the shape. I can get loads of things in and then even a bit more!! and I love all the tassles. Hope that helps.
  12. Personally, I don't think size matters at all! I am 5.8" and a uk size 10, and I absolutely love my first! I also have a LV speedy 25 (this debate happens on the LV forum too!) If you love it - get it! I have big bad days and small bag days! I don't like anything toooo big, i always think it looks like i am dragging airport luggage around! hehe!
  13. It is pretty small but I don't think it would look bad. Just be aware of how hard it is to fit much in it. If you buy it at Barney's, you do have 30 days to return it so you could always return it once you tried it on if you decided you didn't like the way that it looked.
  14. It's really just a personal preference. I'm 5'10", size 4/6, and I have never been attracted to smaller bags. Even at night, I still carry a medium sized bag. I think subconciously I'm trying to balance out my height.:p If you think it will fit everything you want to put it, and will fit your "lifestyle", then go for it!!:tup: Remember that for virtually the same price you can get a Day or a City if you feel like to First is too small.
  15. I have 2 firsts and I LOVE them. I'm the same height and size as you, and they fit me perfectly. It's true that they don't hold a ton, but I think the shape is better proportioned than the city, for me anyway. I can fit a bal toilet case, a normal sized wallet, cell phone with case, and keys in mine without it looking overstuffed. I say go for it!:smile: