the first times the hardest....

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  1. I can't decide which should be my first LV: Tivoli (PM or GM will be another tough choice for later), Black Epi Bowling Montaigne GM, or the Black Epi Montaigne Sac? I do feel myself leaning to the Montaigne Sac because I think it might be versatile for day & night & it has the shoulder strap. But I still just cannot decide. HELP!!!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. Tivoli PM!
  3. Another vote for the Tivoli
  4. I ADORE the montaigne sac. The only reason that I don't have it is because my mom chose it as her FIRST LV. It really is stunning; she got the black.
  5. really hard too choose!!! but I prefer black epi Montaigne Sac...
  6. Black Epi Bowling Montaigne GM!!!!!!! love this bag
  7. seems the choice is obvious.
    Black Epi Bowling Montaigne GM!!!!!

    i also really like the alma.

    just a day or two ago, i saw a member's ivoire alma.
    its to die for.
  8. lol, 2 votes for each bag, maybe I should be more patient for more votes to roll in :smile:
  9. Tivoli GM!! :tup: I looked at the Monty bag, too, but the Tivoli is much nicer with a great shape that's perfect for everyday use. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Tivoli
  11. The Tivoli PM was my first LV bag (and my only thus far) and I love it! It's awesome!
  12. Tivoli PM now and get the black epi Bowling Montaigne in the fall/winter.:yes:
  13. Tivoli PM all the way but if you want something bigger than the gm (;
  14. Tivoli GM has my vote!
  15. Another vote for the Tivoli GM!