The first time you went into an Hermes store?

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  1. I'm a Chanel girl but my first time in an Hermes store was still memorable. It was a few years ago... was actually the Hermes in Saint-Tropez... I had just left the Musee Annocionade which is right next to it (GEM of a museum, if you haven't been!).

    Was your first time memorable?
  2. Absolutely. I was oogling the ano cuff in the window in Florence and my hubby told me I should go in and get it. It was too small and we left. Once outside I looked at the one in the window and it looked a little different and he told me to go in and try it on, and he waited outside. This one was a bigger size and it fit and as I looked out the window to gesture for hubby to come in, I realise that he'd wandered down the street a little. I had trouble getting it off and the SA told me just to go out and get him. I looked at the security guy and knew instantly he could outrun me, so I went out down the street, grabbed hubby, came back and we bought it, the whole time wearing the cuff.

    I was SO scared of going into Hermes, but the staff have always been wonderful to me in every store I've been in *touch wood*
  3. Hi Intelset! My first time was magical! I shopped along side of Brooke Sheilds and bought my Blue Brighton Birkin! The lovely Rose took me under her wing and taught me the ropes.
    So wonderful to see your beautiful picture pop up on the hermes board!
  4. Mine was great! I was there with fellow tPFers (I wouldn't have had the courage to enter it on my own for the fist time!!! LOL!!!) and the store was packed with goodies (Birkins and Kellys included :love:). I got to try on several bags that day. Hopefully, one day I will go in and actually leave with something!!!:nuts:
  5. In Paris...many, many years ago with my late mother. It was magical, I felt like a princess, all the SA's seemed happy to see my Mom and called her by her first name.......
  6. Aww, you are so nice! Don't think I'm cheating on Chanel, though -- but someday, I will do both like you! :heart:
  7. ^^^I remember my first time, and it hasn't even been a YEAR:nuts: yet. It was last August, and I had seen pictures of a tPFers, and told him that I want to get "ONE":Push: Hermes bag.....he looked up Hermes and had been researching on line, and found me the PURSE FORUM. Then he was planning a trip to HOUSTON, and HERMES was a stop for us. We went in, was helped by a very NICE gentlemen, and I walked out with my HAC bag!! IT WAS a WONDERFUL 1st experience.:heart:
  8. In San Francisco in 2003--got my Trim there!! I still remember the SA who helped me.
  9. NYC - maybe 5 years ago? It was beautiful! I still remember the SA that helped me buy my first twilly and bracelet...:tender:
  10. OMG - it was terrible, I was so intimidated...but I WAS only 16 at the time! That was 17 years ago.
  11. Rose, this is probably what your DD thinks when she visits your H store with this. THIS, I think is magical.
  12. My very, very first time .... was awful. I went in unprepared and was snubbed. And it was no way to be treated so. I was young and clueless. So I avoided H for several years, got married, had kids ... and then was invited back to H last year as my DH's office started buying corporate gifts from H for his clients. His PR manager is a H fan :graucho:.
  13. yes! my very first time, my heart was pounding! as soon as i walked in, my now dedicated SA came up to me and askd me what i was interested in. at the time, i was only looking for a black H clic clac and the danse du cosmos scarf, but she took the time to show me my very first kelly which was a red chevre - just beautiful! i remember telling her the kelly wa sjust lovely but i had future dreams of a birkin, since it is more easily accessible and casual looking. that VERY night, she calls me about a birkin! and i picked it up the very next day :smile:

    so yes, it was definitely memorable!
  14. another fun thread!! Thanks Intlset! My first time was a little over 2 years ago. I was very intimidated--the girls were sooo cool! I bought a woven leather necklace and made the mistake of asking about Birkins. I did get on the waiting list, and about a year later they called with one (after I bought a bracelet and herbag). Now, it still feels pecial, although I go to my original and the one on Madison avenue, which I find more special!