the first sign of spring

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  1. the moment i saw the pics ilmb posted, i knew i had to have this wallet. in my affections, the large zip wallet has long usurped the zc's place as best wallet ever created. EVER. i was originally planning on getting the bronze, but the grey... well, there hasn't been many grey bags or accessories i've been able to turn away. the leather is soft and sumptuous. the color is deep, complicated, and saturated. dark grey? no way. try metallic midnight blue with a hint of peacock. whatever you want to call it, it's love to me.

    too bad there aren't as many credit card slots. is marc subliminally trying to tell us something about the recession and the credit crisis? hmm...

    b, you NEED this stam and i NEED to see those pictures, so hurry it up!




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  2. oh wow! what a pretty color tad!!! im so into lil shiny metallic accessories!!! fantastic purchase!
  3. thanks, jun! i see you got your capra. i can't see your pics, so i'll have to wait until i get home to admire you beautiful new bag.
  4. awh, thanks tad :hugs: yes, it's much better than i expected!!

    so is that wallet the same width as a ZC? like checkbook size?
  5. So pretty! That color is amazing. How's the texture though? It looks like it would feel like the material on the colorblock items.

    Congrats on being the first one to get something from spring! You're always the first to get the most beautiful things.
  6. OMG K!!!! It's freaking fabulous!!! I NEED the stam! I DO!!! Congrats sugarbritches! It's just gorgeous!! :heart::drool::faint: now go somewhere where you can just whip it out on like 20 different occasions!
  7. love love love love it!
    now, not that i need another wallet, but can you please tell me why it surpasses the beloved zip clutch in awesomeness??? ;)

  8. it's pretty much the same size. here's a comparison pic with my bordeaux zc.



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  9. gah, that blue is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Gah!!!
  11. I love that colour so much - enjoy!
  12. xi, you're so sweet. i had to get it right away. you know how impatient i am. the leather is softer than the colorblock bags. it actually feels like the fall 05 icy leather only a bit softer.

    b, i need a nickname for you. whatever it is, i'm going to be hard pressed to beat sugarbritches. what do you think the eta is on that stam? march maybe? about the same time i get the ginny?

    dawn, the large zip wallet is bigger. i like that it zips all the way around, so it spreads out wider making it easier for me to find what i want and pull things out. there's more compartments for cash, receipts, to do lists, and my checkbook. i think the change purse is the crowing glory. using the front zip pocket on the zc never really worked for me since it was such a tight fit. i still love the zc. i just love the lzw more.
  13. back again...GAH...GAAAAAAAH! I must have something in this color!!!

    Congratulations Tad!
  14. i'm so glad you purchased this, i love it!! i agree-i love the lg. zip wallet and would own 20, j/k! maybe i can resist this one, but i'm so glad you didn't, congrats it is gorgeous :smile:
  15. I love that color and the design, tad! I can see what you mean when you say it even surpasses the ZC!

    But're KILLING me here with that pic of your bordeaux ZC! :sweatdrop::faint: