the first or the city???

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  1. hello everyone,;)
    i m new in this forum and i really love watching pics of luxury bags..well,i would like to buy a balenciaga bag for christmas but i really can't decide which bag i want,the first black or the city?????i think the city is gorgeous but the first is maybe more funny,i don 't know!!!;):shrugs: . Please help me!!give me your opininon!!thankssss
  2. i think the first is more classic and mature, it's great for going out at nights and only carry essential item.
    city is more fun, stylish and trendy. it can carry quite a lot of things too. it's great to carry to work :P

    i have both and love them, although i use the city more, i carry lots of things :smile:
  3. I have a First and a City...I like to use the First for nights out when i only need to carry a wallet, keys, and a cell phone.
    I use my City almost daily as it fits so much and I adore that style.
    I think it depends on what you need to carry. If it's not much, then I would say the First is a good option, but if you tend to carry a lot of things, then i would say City.
  4. Whichever one that fits your style and needs best :yes:

    I :heart: big, oversized bags so to each's own.

    Be sure to post pics of your new bag when you get it, I'd love to drool ;)
  5. I looooove the first. It is just sooooooooo cute:love:
  6. Black city.....classic:yes: I want to get Black City eventually....I am just focusing on getting other colors at the moment. I just discovered bbags so I have alot of catching up to do. But everyone need bbag in black:graucho:
  7. and just a question by the way,how can you do to buy so much bbags???because they are expensive bags...
  8. If you save $10 a day for 4 can buy a city bag without debt or stress!
  9. Oh rocksteady that is a great way to save!!! I would say a city as I love the size!!
  10. You'd be shocked at how much you can stock inside then FIRST.

    For me, First is nicer in style specially as shoulder bag. But City is more functional for daily activities.

    I'd recommend buying the City then after a couple of weeks MUST GET the FIRST
  11. I think the City is a fabulous work/uni/shopping/afternoon bag while the first is a great going for a coffee/lunch/dinner/evening bag.

    Both bags are beatiful in Black so I am sure you will love either one!:yes:
  12. I'm sorry but you'll eventually get both the First and the City in the end. :devil: The question is which one will you get first? :graucho:

    I have the black First and I love it! It's a great casual to dressy bag.
  13. i prefer the city because it's larger...
  14. The City is roomy and casual for everyday use. And yes, I love the City in Black...very classic!!!
    The First should become the second one in your collection IMO.
  15. Take the city,
    I personaly adore that one, it was my first and everlasting BALENCIAGA love.
    For sure, i love blacks

    good luck to U FX:heart: