The First Or The City Balenciaga

  1. hi, ok, I am going for it, my first Balenciaga handbag - opinions please.
    I see "The First/Mortorcycle" and then there is the "The City/Motorcycle" the difference what I see is the size. Do you think the smaller size 7x13x2 is ok to start?? There is not a big difference in price, I just don't carry tote size handbags and The City is 10x15x5 Also, I was looking at the Grey its so different or since this is my first maybe get a all around colour. Help asap -
  2. If you can, go to a store and put the usual stuff you carry in both bags and try them out...Personally the first was just too small for my needs.
    Both are lovely!!
    Also, If you like the grey color, I think it is a neutral that will go with most everything.
  3. Hi MACP6 - I would love to do that exact I do not live near NY and I am going by the pictures sent to me. After measuring my other handbags I think you may be right, The First will be to small for everday wear. I have a LV Hudson that is about the same size as the small version motorcycle and I can only fit stuff I need going out in the evening.
  4. I definitely found the First too small for me...I wanted to keep it as a "going-out" bag but I have other bags for that so I just gave up. Have you considered the Day? It fits TONS!
  5. I say go for the City.It's the perfect size for everything pretty much! You can carry a water bottle,magazine,and all your other essentials.And you'll still have more room for whatever other stuff you may carry around during the day.I think the city is a good first bbag.
  6. I would also recommend the city over the first, especially for your first b-bag. The City is the perfect size for everyday and is super light weight. The First is good for when you don't need to carry a whole lot and is great for evening! Either way, you get a gorgeous bag!
  7. My first b-bag was a First and I still love that style but I do prefer the City size. The First is just too small for me to use daily.

    Go with the City.
  8. i think you should go with city if u carry some amount of things...
    and with that small difference in price, it might worth more to buy the city :P
    good luck :smile:
  9. I agree with Sea :yes: !!!
    The City is just the perfect bag to begin with !!!!
  10. The first was my first bbag and it's a great place to start. It's better for going out at night. It took me a while to warm up to the city, I have 2 now but I still love the first the most.
  11. The first is quite small and more of a going-out bag IMO. You can fit a wallet, keys and a very small make-up case in it only. It looks really funny if you overload it. The city is a much more practical size. My preference is the day or the purse though- it fits comfortably over the shoulder, carries a ton of stuff and looks great. I prefer carrying my bags on the shoulder so my hands are free!
  12. I also vote for the City. I had the First and while it's a great bag for going out to lunch and going out at night. It's not as roomy as I wanted. I found the City to be roomier without being too big and bulky. The City is a great practical everyday everywhere size bag imho.:yes:
  13. my vote is for the City... I find it the perfect size for everyday use... and I'm crazy about my grey(greige ) one!!! It's a wonderful neutral!!