the first or city? which should i choose?

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  1. i was offered by a friend the first in deep brown (almost to black) i think it's from 2002 and a city in pistachio 2004, which one should i choose? i love the leather on the first, but i also like the pistachio city? which one u think i should buy? :cry:
  2. both! if you don't take the brown, tell your friend to sell to me!!!!!:graucho: :graucho:
  3. Both are amazing finds, can you do both?
  4. i sure hope to get them both, but i just have to wait for my red metallic mini twiggy to sells, i rarely use them and i found that i will use these 2 bags more often... :cry:
  5. omg the pistachio city is one of my dream bags:heart: ...that one that one! or if your friend wants to offer it to me i wouldn't object :graucho:
    lucky girl!!!
  6. I hope you'll be able to get them both! If not, I would definately choose the pistachio city!!
  7. Pistachio city! I love the city style for hauling all of my stuff around all day, and that color is to die for!
  8. The pistacchio City is a great bag! It gets my vote!
  9. OMG, before i only wanted one, now i want them both :nuts:
    u girls are bad influence on me u know :devil:
    ooohhhh i so want them both....
  10. I also vote for the pistachio city! One of the first b-bags I ever saw. :+)
  11. Pistachio!
  12. i also love the pistachio, i love the city style, but i also love the first, the one i found is so classic, with flat brass and all, and the leather is so yummy... now the question is, how do i manage to get them both? :lol:
  13. Pistachio is such a great color!
  14. Get both! Or if you really can't, get the pistachio! I love coloured bags and would choose the pistachio over a brown or black bag any day. That is just me.
  15. Wow - two amazing finds! I say swing both (if you can)!!!