The first of my legacy goodies!

  1. So I picked these up on Sunday. I also got the new "S" charm and the "$" charm - but they are in the car so I couldn't tak a pic right now. I wasn't allowed to buy the striped hair scarf, striped ballet flats, or striped IPOD case as mom's supposed to be giving me that stuff for my birthday and christmas.
    2.jpg 2_1.jpg 2_2.jpg
  2. Wow nice stuff. I am so jealous! lol
  3. :drool::drool:I am so jealous!!! I LOVE ALL of you new items!! I cannot wait to see it in person!! Lucky gal!! :love::love:
  4. I envy you...That's the same bag I wanted!! Congrats
  5. omg i love the bag!! is it good quality? lucky lucky lucky.. im so jealous!
  6. Very nice, congrats! I only briefly glanced at that rose Legacy online, but now I think I may have to go for it, it's sooo cute!
  7. Agh!!! I want a rose colored bag!!!! I love your new purchases!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats on your new goodies!
  9. The rose is so gorgeous.
  10. I love the color too! AFter seeing the pic of your wallet I just may get it now.
  11. Aww that's so sweet of your mom! Girl you're going to be all decked out Legacy style and you must post picts!! Love the color and the wallet!! Congrats! I was thinking of getting the dollar sign because my last name is an S.. LOL.
  12. SO PRETTY! Those are the exact two things I want. :biggrin: Congrats!
  13. Thanks ladies! I debated on the wallet when I was in the store (I went planning on buying both) because I wasn't sure I was wild about least not for the price. But I've only carried it since yesterday and gotten numerous compliments on the purse..and the folks that have seen me open it up and pull out the wallet were gushing...i'm so glad I got both!!! The rose really is BEAUTIFUL! An I love the substantialness of it...if that doesn't make sense it will when you see it in person...its a very solid bag.
  14. So beautiful - congrats!
  15. cute set! can't wait to see the whole Coach family together at Christmas!!