the FIRST LV club^^

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  1. I didn't see this club yet in the LV forum, so I thought it should be here.
    The first time is always so much exciting and worthful to celebrate it for a while until the next one to come. Let me start it first^^ (if you are not the newbie of LV owner, you also welcome to show your first LV here, thanks!):party:

    My First LV is a Speedy 30. (Dec, 19, 2006. $620, no tax)

  2. my very first lv:love:

    a mono speedy 25

    bought August 6, 2006

    at LV in Greenbelt, Makati

    for PHP 36,300.00 (approx 725USD)
    IMG_0249.JPG IMG_0823.JPG
  3. dont have pics right now, but first bag was
    mono pochette
    bought Novenber 8th, 2006
    at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Galleria
    for 285 USD (not including tax)
  4. My very first LV (Ellipse PM) was given to me as a gift (still have it!):
  5. I will post pics soon! But my first LV was a Mono speedy 30! I love it to pieces. From the small things, the first thing I bought LV was the monogram agenda.
  6. YEY another club I can join. My first LV given to me by my b/f December 9th. $675 from shipping or tax..
  7. My first LV was a beige ludlow (bought 12/05). I sold it when I got my framboise one. Then I got my noisette cles and blue thompson street (01/06). I still have/use them!

  8. no pics :,( but i got a mini HL MC.
  9. Is that bag a different color than the one on elux? Yours looks lighter. And I really like your look better than the one I see on line.
  10. My 1st LV was the Hudson PM - I still have it of course :love:
  11. That is very special one for the first LV, I love it:yes:
  12. This is a great idea! :yes:

    My first LV (see attached pic). It's a Mono Speedy 30... Got it on 1 July 2006. :love: Sorry for the bad pic. It's the lighting in my room gone awry.
  13. My first:heart: the pockette bosphore
    Pochette bosphore.jpg
  14. My first LV: Mono 35 bought in Paramus, NJ August 2006

    I love her :smile:
  15. here u go~~