The First Family Photo

  1. Kelly and Raisin Birkin have been together for awhile. They welcomed nicely 30cm brighton blue very nicely....

    and we are welcoming in a new HAC. the HOSS as we call her.

    We are a pallidum hardware family.

    I did get asked when a little goldie comes in....maybe soon :smile:

    It doesn't really hit you until you take a photo like this...the beauty, the splendor, the amazing Hermes.
    hermesfam1.JPG hermesfam2.JPG
  2. What a lovely collection! Do you have a favorite?
  3. :woohoo: What a gorgeous collection!
  4. BEAUTIFUL! Which one is your fav? I'll bet it's really hard to choose......
  5. guccigal07--Simply amazing. :smile:
  6. What a beautiful collection you've assembled. Each one is pure perfection!
  7. They are all so gorgeous!!! I love familypics!!
  8. Very nice collection of colour and sizes, guccigal!
  9. really alll of them. I was just thinking about it. I enjoy them all in different ways.

    The raisin brings me back to my very first. When my SA popped it out of the dust bag and my heart hit the floor. The raisin reminds me of the first love.

    my brighton blue reminds me of the wait....excitement of waiting...and adding a pop of color to an outfit.

    my kelly reminds me of growth. I never liked chevre and I saw it and I realized I am growing more in love with Hermes. I carry the Kelly with pride and respect for a brand that is truly amazing yesterday and today.

    and my HAC...reminds me of my trip....and of the Hermes tradition!

    I just love em all!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. beautiful collection. simply beautiful.
  12. Yes indeed :yes:! Congrats on a beautiful family you have there!!
  13. Gorgeous, Gucci...lovely family!!!
  14. thanks everyone!

    how sinful is it to have such a wonderful collection....and think what is NEXT!

    I want a rouge garance. I think that will round out my colors.

    would love a barenia but know I can't get it! oh well.

    I love it! I can't wait to carry out my vache natural.

    anyone want to go make comments in the reference the discuss the leathers....I had a question in there....

  15. Gorgeous family! Love the HAC and the Brighton's color! :drool: