1. The other day, my sister's boyfriend told her that a Coach Retail Store was opening up here in the Maine mall!

    I did some research and it is TRUE!:wtf:

    I am SO excited! It should be opening within the month.:heart:

    You have to understand, we have 2 Coach outlets up here in Maine, but I have NEVER set foot in a Coach Retail Store before!

    My hubby turned pale when I told him the news! ROFL!:roflmfao:

    HAPPY HAPPY!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats!! It must be so exciting for you.
  3. Thanks, coachlover123!

    It's the most exciting news I have heard this week!:yes:

    I will probably be waiting in line for it to open on the first day!:nuts:
  4. I am sooo jealous!!! The nearest(and only) retail store from me is 3 1/2 hours away!! And, we don't even have an outlet anywhere in Arkansas:sad: So, every time I get to go to an outlet I go freakin' crazy, like a mad woman I tell you!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your new store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. congrats
    It must be so exciting for you.
    hope you have fun!!
    wooot woot
  6. since we are on the topic of coach RETAIL stores, I was wondering, I know people buy from outlets (for their prices...)
    but do people buy from RETAIL stores ... because they have no access to the outlets ?? or are there other reasons ??

  7. Yeay for Maine!

    Love Kittery...Love Freeport. (Where the outlets are-for the folks who are not familiar)
  8. YAY! for you.

    I've always bought my Coach from the stores. It wasn't until TPF that I've step foot into the outlets. The ones in CA don't carry as much nice things as the outlets in other states.
  9. Alright!
    P.S: I :heart: Maine. I went there on part of my honeymoon almost 9 years ago:tender:!
  10. Thanks girlies! I am stoked!:yes:

    Aloha, what town did you honeymoon in?
    We honeymooned in Bar Harbor.

    I live 20 mins and 1 hour from the outlets and 45 mins from where the Retail store will be.

    I need to find out when it opens...:nuts:
  11. excited about your news!!!!
    i spend the summer in kennebunk....between outlet in kittery and the maine mall in portland is it??? can't wait to visit when i'm home june 20th!!!
    take care
  12. Oh cool, Cathi!

    Yup, its going in the Maine Mall!:yes: