The first Chanel..what to buy?

  1. Hi girls, i'm planning to buy my first Chanel bag (i'm LV fan at the moment)..
    This week i'm going to Venice and i would like to go to Chanel :yes:
    Wanna know if these bags are more expensive than Louis Vuitton, and if there is some model quite affordable.
    How much does it cost the quilted canvas? and the caviar?
    what do you suggest me?

  2. Chanel is about double most LV bags. . . no coated canvas like LV as far as I know, at least that's not their signature or common pieces if they even have it.

    You could find a bag from about $995, but it won't be as big as the LV's in the $800 price range.

    Caviar is their most durable leather, you could look for a Petit Shopping Tote. Do a search, there's some photos of that.
  3. I don't think there is quilted Canvas. For an 800-1000 dollar price range, I recommend the petit shopping tote or my personal favorite at Chanel clutch.
  4. Thanks girls, i'll do a search in your threads.
    I would like a little/medium tote:yes:
  5. Also, there's a photo thread/sticky, you should look through it. I know the petit shopper is in it.
  6. i just got my 1st chanel... :yahoo: :love:
    a beige/black cambon bowler....looooove it :heart: :heart: