The First Bag

  1. Do you think it's too small for an every day bag?
  2. It depends on what you carry everyday.

    I can carry all of my essentials. Wallet, make-up, cell, ipod, lotion, gum and all that kind of stuff....but not a book or magazine or anything extra.

    It does carry more than you think it does.
  3. Not for me personally, i'm quite happy with my first bag even though i have other styles too. But my first is still my beloved......:smile:
  4. For me personally, yes, the first is too small.

    Although I could probably fit all my stuff into the First, I prefer larger bags, and I found that my Twiggy and City would slouch more because they bigger bags and were not filled all the way.
  5. For me, the First is way too small for an every day bag. I used mine the other night for going out.

    My every day bag is either the Day or City.
  6. For me it is ... I cannot fit my Agenda or sunglass case in there so I use my City's for every day use even tho I don't really "fill" them all the way -
    it makes them slouchier:p
  7. It's too small for day bag. Personally, i tend to use it for night out.;)
  8. Depends what you carry. Can you show us what you're using now and the contents??
  9. For me, it's the perfect size. I just purchased my third one. :wlae: I can fit all of my essentials into it; keys, cell, small make-up bag, wallet, camera...
  10. im crazy when it comes to carrying stuff around with me , sometimes my city doesnt seem big enough to fit all in:nuts: it really depends on your personal needs :yes:
  11. It's the perfect size for me! I manage to fit in the following items each day into my First

    - Big cosmetics bag (with powder compact, 4 lipglosses, mirror, blotting papers, kabuki brush, breath mints, eye liner, floss)
    - Wallet
    - Cell phone
    - Keys
    - Lotion
    - Pens, notepad, calculator (yes i'm a geek)
    - ipod (when I feel like it)

    Sometimes I also carry around a 1 pint bottle of water also. It definitely holds more than it looks. It can be expanded to be fatter than 2 inches no problem :smile:

    Edited to add: But note that I don't carry around things like books/magazine, organizer/agenda, etc. If I did, I would need a larger bag.