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  1. Show your Richard Prince LE Motard Firebird!

    I will start with mine:


    I will love this bag forever! lol :heart:
  2. Show us some modeling pics!! :love:
  3. Words still cannot describe how beautiful the Firebird is :love:.

    Here's mine:-



    I will love this bag forever too :heart:.

    I think this will be a pretty exclusive club. I believe it's only H2girl we are waiting on to join the club thus far. ​

    I know speyta is still waiting for her pastel Firebird and I so very much wish :yes: Tookata would get herself a Firebird.​
  4. Oh gosh, I am sooo envious of your lovely Firebirds ladies - you don't even know! Mine STILL hasn't come in yet :hysteric:. So until then, I shall be living vicariously through your lovely Prince beauties :tender:.
  5. what lovely bags ladies! does anyone have the pastel one..? i think h2 girl had one right?
  6. Yay, I love it - i love the frame you made for the pic! hehe..

    yes, h2girl needs to join with her 2 beautiful ones :yes:

    i keep staring at

    speyta - i can't wait for your pastel to come in, i'm so excited for wll LOVE this bag, you don't really know how incredible this bag is until you hold and touch it :angel: i gave up waitlisting for the aquarelle speedy 35 vvn and violette vernis alma after i got this. it's all i need now, lol!
  7. ...and I would give up all my other bags just for the Firebird.

    Words really can't describe the feelings I have for this bag. It is beyond special.
  8. You guys sure know how to up the ante, I'm dying over here :drool:.
  9. Oh LVMode..don't do this to me....

    I so LOVE this bag especially in this color combo. :drool::drool: This SS'08 is the craziest. I want all of them!
  10. ITA :yes:

    BTW Tookata; can you please PM H2girl and ask her to join this club for us.

    Thanks, much appreciated, you are ther best, your a darling, I love :heart: you, you are # 1 :flowers:.
  11. Tookata, i'm sorry to tell you this but you must get this bag. i don't care which color.. you have to, period, end of :nuts:
  12. Hmmm...:hrmm:.....I'm afraid...:s...{trembling}

    Both of you are big enablers...:devil:...evil..evil...evil...


    But I love your little Poe...
    sho cute...sho adorable...
    I just want to squeeze his little blisters. They look really ripe and ready to pop.
    must squeeze..must sqeeze......:lol:

    From deranged Tookata:robot:
  13. You are a NUT.:nuts: I already squeezed one and got puss allll over me. I'll let you do the rest, muwahahahaaa, lol!!! it a sicko thing to also want the pastel one now?

    Speaking of...h2girl get yer RP loving tush in here!
  14. I WANT ONE NOW!!!! you girls are enablers!!!!! hehehe
    ooooohhhh is it really worth it????? i need a lil more convincing!!
  15. [​IMG]

    Trust me :yes:. Once you see it in the flesh, you will be convinced. You really do need to see it IRL to fully appreciate it.


    Actually, once you see it in real life; Just try stopping yourself from buying it!! :P

    Of course not, I can fully relate to this. I at least want to see one. But that could mean we are both sickos... :sick: :sick: