The finish is wearing off my birkin...

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  1. Please help...the pallidum finish is wearing off the hardware on one of my birkin's strap!?! I see can see some gold color - like brass. Can Hermes replace?? What do I do??
  2. H can replace hardware. i had a kelly wallet where part of the palladium toggle had discoloured. i took it to H to get it replaced. H replaced it free of charge as it was deemed a defect. so take yours to H and let them assess it.
  3. Do you have photos?
  4. Here is a picture....

    I don't live near a store so to just pop in and have them look. I'm sure this would need to go to Paris for repair... How long do repairs normally take?

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  5. Oh wow, this is not OK at all! :shocked: I'd say this would have to go to Paris, and I'd be shocked if they charged you anything for it. This seems to be a fault, not wear and tear whatsoever. If they did try to charge you I would really put my foot down (but I doubt you will need to).

    I would guess and say the repair would take 6 months - 1 year at the absolute most. I'm sure your store could give you a better estimate. It's not a quick turnaround but you deserve for this to be fixed!
  6. It is really terrible.... You need to bring it back to the shop asap...
  7. happened on th center plaque of my Kelly etoupe it was changed by Hermes no charge !!! two month wait but no charge. :smile:
  8. I think that has to be changed. Did you happen by any chance to leave the plastic protector on that?
  9. Looks like a defect. There seems to be more and more stories like this. Are H standards slipping?
  10. Looks defective to me
  11. I was going to say it looks like it's still on there, no?
  12. It's definitively a defect. I also had a couple of bag with the same problem and have been replaced without any additional cost. Just have to be be patient, it takes at least two months before it returns.
  13. Yes I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me!
  14. Happened to my So Kelly, as the H store in my area does not have an artisan, I had to send it to the nearest possible H in another country. Replacement was free and it took less than a month for them to finish it but still haven't had the chance to pick it up so it's still there waiting for me :S
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