The Final Word on Vache Liegee?

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  1. I promised that I used the search function! I'm just wondering what everyone's experience has been with Vache Liegee. Pros? Cons? Would you buy it again or do you prefer other H skins. Thanks everyone for the info.
  2. My 37 Bolide is in Noisette Vache Ligee. I really love it. I find the skin to be relatively lightweight. More importantly, it's VERY good in the rain. I got caught in a torrential downpour with the bag, and it was totally fine. I would definitely go for another bag in this skin in a heartbeat.
  3. If you need a bag that is very good in wet climates, VL is great.

    I know that several of our members have it in retourne and don't have problem with scuffs & scratches, but my sellier Kelly has two small scuffs on it--when the skin is stretched taut like that and doesn't have any give you do have to be a little more careful with it. It is the first bag I own that has shown a scuff from my ring. Other bags in Fjord, Togo, Clemence, Chevre, Epsom, etc. have not. I think in a retourne bag it wouldn't be as much of an issue.

    Another thing is that with time it may get shinier with use--where the grains are raised and subject to handling over time, a certain patina may develop so you may want to take that into consideration.

    For some reason old-timers at H that I have spoken with (in Paris and craftspeople) are not fond of VL--some think it looks too plasticky--I remember the bag he pointed to was a huge Paris Bombay in Brique VL and it was quite shiny on a large scale.

    Overall, I've been enjoying my Kelly and really love the structure it gives. I love the way it looks--a bit more formal and elegant-- and have another one on order.
  4. Holds it's shape really is a laminated leather...meaning it has some sort of acrylic in it's top coat..quite durable..excellent in weather due to lamination..although one needs to be careful with the corners of any VL item...I do not think it is such a tragic thing if you get some rubbing there..the top coat can be refurbished...with a proper professional clear leather acrylic finisher. It may feel too plastic like to some...but hey that's just the top finish you are feeling..the two tone effect of the leather is stunning...the dye process is will look like new longer than most Hermes leathers IMO.
  5. I own a 40cm Paris Bombay (Rouge H) in VL...and love it. Given the size of the bag, it's relatively light to carry and the sheen is, in my opinion, quite beautiful.
  6. I have a black 35 birkin in vachee and love it because of the beatuful sheen of leather and it is a much lighter bag to carry!!! I also like the structure more so than a floppy bag.
  7. it is the classic luggage leather and apart from the scuffs dings etc very durable in the long run. but it is not a laminated skin it is a skin that is soaked in oil and then strecthed in all directions that process results in the shine plus stiffness plus the two dye adds to that effect.
    personally i really like that skin
  8. Me too! I could have a whole collection of Hermes bags in Vache Liegee!
  9. Thanks everyone so much. This has put my mind at ease. I could not make up my mind about VL. I DO NOT like Epsom and sometimes VL looks similar, but now I am feeling that it is far superior to Epsom! I really want a structured leather that is durable and I think I may have found the answer.
  10. I knew you would say that!!
  11. I have VL and it's a great wearing leather. I'm not an Epsom fan.
  12. Is there something I should know, sir? :graucho:

    Wait, nevermind. Surprise me when it comes.
  13. Well, it is something under consideration. You will be the first to know!
  14. Eye lovett.
  15. I have a 40cm in vache liegee. I think it is gorgeous, but it is more formal. I find I am not bringing it out as much as I thought I would, although I had pined for the color (gold) for a long time. Notwithstanding the fact that I don't get much use out of it, I would probably name it as my most beautiful birkin.