The Final Tokidoki Print....

  1. It looks like the last of the print will be released in October and its called Vacanze. Its going to be winter themed. And the Spiaggia is the last print that mamma mia and bella will be available in. I found this info on the link below.:sad:
  2. Sooo sad. Only recently discovered the bags and already hearing about the last release :crybaby:
  3. it's the end of the world as we know it...

    haha not that drastic but i'm still sad. they should have released each print with more time in between. now i feel panicked because i want to get everything before the marriage is over and i have this irrational fear that all the prices will jump up or something!

    at least we can give our bank account a rest after though...
  4. Yay, a winter themed bag! Sounds like I'll need that. Unless it's too full of babies.
  5. Sounds like a cute bag. Dang, I thought it was going to last until December -- guess not. Must get all toki bags I can lolz.
  6. wow crazy :O!! i wonder if there will be other cool tokidoki bags after the last one? maybe more bags that are not lesportsac..?
  7. aww there goes my theory about having a fairy print just ONE print for winter season? seems weird since they've been doing 2-3 prints/season....well i still think there may be one more print up lesportsac's sleeve..not all the stores always get the full story on what's going we'll see =)
  8. When does your:ban:end?
  9. A fairy print theme would be the best. I would :heart: it! I hope your right and that they have a trick up their sleeve.
  10. wow i'm so sad suddenly :sad:

    ok i didn't think i was gonna get any famiglia or tutti or trasporto but now i think i'm gonna buy all prints just so i won't regret it later on .. sigh ...

    vacanze sounds like it's gonna be soo cuuute!!
  11. Well, if I get this new job I'm up will end soon as my bf said I can buy whatever I want, including toki, if I get this job :yahoo: If not, then oh my gosh. Well, I only want:


    edit;; and tutti

    ... that's not too much to ask for eh? LOL.
  12. Winter fairies!!!! hopefully:graucho:
  13. I got a email from Casey over at Pulse recently and she told me that after Tutti and Trasporto they are supposed to receive TWO more prints and then that will be the end...

    I HOPE HOPE HOPE she's right.
  14. After this, my credit card can finally take it easy!
  15. they said its gonna be christmas tree n characters =)