The Final Days Of My Cb Pap =(

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have some very devastating news to share with you all... I had originally planned to post my collection when my sophie gets here but it looks like my LV family will have to say goodbye to one of its members before it makes its tPF debut... :crybaby:

    It was a beautiful day today in windy welly... and I had a hair appointment... so I decided to take my much neglected CB pap out... everything was going fine, and my hair color & cut turned out... great!

    as the stylist went to get my bag from the bag/coat check closet area (she doesnt usually do it but it was very busy today & the receptionist was very busy etc)... I was busy still cannot believe how good the color & cut turned out! its very unusal that I'm happy with a cut/color!

    so anyways, the stylist as she got my bag & walking my way, stopped to oversee another of her clients a couple of stations away from where I was waiting... she put the bag down on the station table ... I had a funny feeling in my stomach by then ... my stomach kinda just turned... and as SOON AS I felt that... the colorist who was discussing something with the stylist there... KNOCKED THE WHOLE POT OF DYE ONTO MY POOR PAP!!! ... I was like... :shocked: ... then... speechless!!!... then it hit me & I was like... :mad: ... fuming!!! I didnt know what to say to them when they bought the bag over to me... was I meant to :cry: or :cursing: ???

    they have taken the bag to see if it's fixable(??)... I told them again & again that once it's there it's never coming off! but they insisted & also for insurance purposes as well... they'll see if their insurance will cover it for me... but still!!! where am i gona get a new CB Pap... I HAND PICKED it at LV when it was released!!! one half of my Pap is now covered in a purple dye!!! :hysteric:

    no one understands my grief here! the salon people even asked if it's REAL???!!! I couldnt believe it!!! & they asked if it REALLY DID COST THAT MUCH MONEY???!!!... I couldnt believe it!!! :hysteric: ... I'm gona dump the damn receipt in front of them tomorrow when I go in & their Friggn insurance better cover it! so I thought the only people who'll understand is people here on tPF... I was sooooo P.O today! I literally went crazy on the highway overtaking every single bloody car that stood in my way!...

    anyways, sorry for the ULTRA LONG post!... I just had to get it outa my system!!!
  2. Oh my god I´m so sorry about this!! You better get all your money back and then some so you can once again hunt another cB pap down.
  3. sorry about thaT...
  4. oh god, im so sorry, this is awful!! the insurance should cover this.. let us now how it turns out!
  5. OMG that is awful! I would also go onto eBay and find a brand new one (try the huangfamily) and print out what the average selling price is on eBay...because you will never find a brand new one for what you originally paid.

    i cant believe a story can make me so mad. :sweatdrop:
  7. Good lord, how terrible!

    At least they have insurance. Take care though, they may try and only give you partial cost, due to age, however, insist that the bag is classed as collectable and has increased in cost. And it *may* be worthwhile contacting Vuitton, to see if they have a stash of the CB canvas in France, as they had one of the windows of Gallery Lafayette in Paris covered with all three CB patterns a year or so ago.

    Good luck!


    All the very best
  8. I just can't get over this story... sorry for the double comment!
  9. Lesson learned, I will NEVER ever take any of my LV bags to the salon with me. I am so sorry to hear about you beautiful bag, I hope you get full price on the bag and are able to find another one. Don't let the salon give you any crap--fight them on this, even if you tell them you are taking them to small claims court---they can get nasty if their insurance will not pay and I am sure they have a deductable so they probably feel they are the ones out of money.
    I hope you can calm down because the stress of having your bag damaged is horrible. I flipped when my mini green pleaty fell in a bucket of floor cleaner and it was just water with organic cleaner, no chemicals so I can imagine the horror of what happened to you.
  10. That is so unfortunate.. Hope everything goes well for you.. Don't worry !!
  11. OMG!! I cant believe it! You will probably not get what you paid. You will get replacement value (which is ok) or a depreciation of goods value. Since its a collectible...fight for replacement. I have to say this....why why why did you let someone else hold your bag or take it!!!!! I never let my bags out of my sight. Please keep us posted, I sincerely hope it works out for you. What a crappy thing!!!
  12. OMG!!! I could cry for you I can only imagine how you feel my cb pap is my Baby.

    you need to go on eBay and get a average price of real good condition cb's don't forget print out. fight all the way on this one they have destroyed a classic work or art no cb's are the same so your handpicked one is technically irreplacable. good luck & keep us posted
  13. I am speechless....that truly is a nightmare and I am so sorry for you sweetie. I hope it all works out for you. I really hope they were sincerely apologetic to you. What an awful thing to have happened. :sad:
  14. I'm so sorry this happened and I hope they make the appropriate's tough though bc they don't appreciate it's value.....:sad:
    Good luck and keep us posted please....:flowers:
  15. OMG, I'm so sorry this happened to you..! Please keep us posted on the outcome. Hope everything turns out fine.