The Fifth Season by Roberto Coin?

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  1. I know that most of us, myself included, would much prefer RC's 18k gold pieces, but I was curious if anyone owned any of these silver pieces. I just got this necklace:

    It is even more gorgeous in person. There are diamond cuts even along the chain, and the whole necklace sparkles. In fact, my father asked what types of gemstones where in it when he saw it. He was surprised to find it was just the metal. I really think I need more of this line, especially more of the Stingray pieces. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks! I love that cuff as black. The stingray texture looks even better in person, and the quality is very consistent with Roberto Coin's higher end gold pieces.

    Edited to add: I realize many would say the prices are high for sterling, but one could argue David Yurman's sterling is pricey as well.
  3. That necklace looks gorgeous. Can you post a modeling pic?
  4. I'll try taking a pic of it tomorrow when I have better lighting to work with. Ross-Simons has a pic of it on a mannequin on their site. It still doesn't do the necklace justice, but you can get an idea how it hangs on the neckline.
  5. The prices seem quite reasonable to me comparatively speaking. I very much enjoy my designer sterling pieces--David Yurman, John Hardy, Konstantino, Lagos, Stephen Webster, etc.--and I definitely don't agree with the oddly anti-designer vibe in the jewelry subforum, fwiw.
  6. I think some folks are rather down on designer sterling, because silver as a precious metal isn't all that expensive compared to gold, and the prices of the jewelry seem high considering the cost of raw materials. However, there is absolutely no comparison in quality if you look at a David Yurman cable bracelet versus one of the cheaper knockoffs available in the mass market. It's apple to oranges in terms of workmanship and gram weight.
  7. Picture time! I apologize in advance for the quality of these pics. I never was a great photographer, and the lighting in my place leaves a lot to be desired. I did the best I could. I took two pics of the necklace on a plain background and one of it on my neck. I had the worst time with that one, I think. I tried... :sweatdrop:

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