The Fertility Diet - the book

  1. I posted this in the general forum with not many results...
    Has anyone read this book?
    Thoughts? does the diet work? Anyone have positive results because of the diet?
    Should I also read the book Taking Charge of your Fertility?
  2. I have not read this book but Taking charge of your fertility is a must around here. Definitely pick this one up.
  3. Ooo.. I have to look that book up. I have often wondered if my diet is to blame? I eat well, but heavy on the cheese! I love cheese, love it love it love it :drool:! Heard it could not be so good for the reproductive process...:sad:
  4. Hope it is a comfort for you- the diet actually recommends FULL FAT DAIRY PRODUCTS!! Whole milk, full fat yogurt, full fat ice cream on a daily basis!! Study showed it helped ovulation........
    Pretty interesting!
  5. :yahoo:Yay!!! :woohoo: That is good news for me! I just bought a HUGE hunk of Manchego cheese :drool: