The Fendi Road Trip • More Fun from Fendi

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  1. Hi y'all :wave: (I've missed you guys!)

    Please share your experience if you happen upon their Apé :smile:

    Their first stop is in Montauk!


    FendiRoadTrip.png via hvppenings.png
  2. Hi, lesAdrets! So nice to see you again! :hugs: I wish I the Fendi Apé could come to Buenos Aires! :giggle:

  3. Hiya crisbac! :hugs:

    I know, right? Their little traveling pop-up truck is such fun marketing—I hope it’s successful enough that they decide to take this world-wide.

    Rosaria Dawson via Fendi; bugs via Surf Bazaar

    RosariaViaFendi.png viaSurfbazaar.png

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  6. Eeeeek!!! Did you get to go?! Details, please?:P

    I would be so excited if it were to come close to me.....but I'm outta luck.
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  8. And now at The Grove through the 21st :smile: Fendi Road Trip L.A. The Grove.png
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  9. My SA emailed me an invitation, but I am unsure if I can go :crybaby:
  10. Oh, my dear Bother Free... :console: I really really hope you can make it! :heart:
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  13. Stopped by the Fendi truck in NYC last week! Sorry for the blurry pics, got caught in a lunch rush lol
    IMG_3391.JPG IMG_3390.JPG

    Annnddd came away with...
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  14. a new strapyou :biggrin: IMG_3419.JPG
    Pretty happy I finally purchased this strap. I've had my eye on the color combo for a while but could never quite get to the purchase stage. The SA was very friendly and lots of people asked about the furry charms - I half expected them to be playing the road trip playlist but I guess that's not quite the vibe of the Time Warner Center heh
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  15. Big congrats, cwxx! :smile: Lovely Strap You! :loveeyes: And so glad you could stop by the Fendi Truck! Thank you for sharing! :tup: