The Fendi Baguette come back

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  1. Love your bag! Can you do a review on the wear and tear of the leather please? does it scratch easily and creases??
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  2. IMG_4012.JPG

    I have the new baguette in medium, just took this pic two days ago when I went furniture shopping! I've only used three times, it was positively pouring rain the last time I used it and my bag def got somewhat soaked because I got my umbrella, but the leather has been absolutely fine.

    Really love it so far. It's a very light and practical bag. Since it's so soft, my items fit inside very easily. All my daily essentials + more! Long strap is a little short crossbody but still works for me, I'm 5"4, I like the trendy look of the short crossbody. I don't like to connect the long strap + short strap to create a longer crossbody strap, I find that the shorter crossbody suits the look of the bag better.

    The shape of the bag wears against the body very easily, similar the the Chanel Reissue bag in that it's flat against the body and comfortable to wear.

    Not sure on the resale value yet at all. I submitted for a quote with Rebag with it brand new out of curiousity and was quoted $950, but given that Rebag gets lots of their stock from wholesalers in Japan, their quotes are often lower.

    If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer! :smile:

    Your question wasn't directed at me, but since I have the same bag and the leather is the same, I hope I can help!
    A few things to note are:
    • This leather is really soft and has the tendency to get little creases, especially near the base (which I guess is from the weight of the flap bearing down. It already had some little wrinkles / creases when I bought it.
    • I found one big crease on the side when inspecting for this reply, I think this is just from the extremely soft nature of the leather and the way it slouches. I keep my bag stuffed, not sure what this crease is from, I've only used it 3 times... but it's not obvious even though it's a deep crease since that's really just what this leather looks like.
    • Because of the slouchiness, the bag slouches forward/downward when stuffed as well, even when stuffed well. To counter this, I think putting it on its back would be best for storage, but I like to be able to put all my bags on display, so I have it upright. When the bag is upright, again, the weight of the flap bears down, so... more little creases at the front!
    • Gold hardware only has hairline scratches and looks fantastic.
    • Leather is soft, but doesn't scratch easily. Have had no issues with scratches. All the "wear and tear" is from the softness of the leather, and I don't think it really constitutes wear and tear.

    IMG_4100.jpg IMG_4101.jpg
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  3. @Anesthestia Thanks for such a thorough and articulate review—so nicely done, and what a beautiful bag! :smile:
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  4. I think Anesthestia did a wonderful rewiew. I can’t explain better cause of my poor English... and she explained perfectly. I personally baby my bag but it scratches easily at the corner cause of a very delicate leather.
  6. I'm so happy to be of any help, especially when this is a new bag and there aren't many reviews out for everybody on youtube yet! :smile:

    Thank you! I think your english is very good... You find that your bag scuffs easily at the corners? Oddly, I feel that because the corners quite rounded on this bag, this shouldn't be a big issue! Have your bag corners already scuffed?
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  7. Thank you
    And yes it has 2 corners already scuffed. But not a lot. I put some purple polish on it !!! Maybe is the large one more delicate... anyway it’s a gorgeous bag
  8. Oh no I'm sorry to hear! I'll be more careful with mine, I've been tossing my bag around thinking it wasn't delicate. What's purple polish, though? Thank you for sharing!
  9. It’s a shoe polish in fact.
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  10. Has anyone ordered the sequined baguette that was by special order? and if so did you receive it yet?
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  11. can you still buy fendi mama baguette at fendi stores?
  12. On the website it's still on pre-order till August. So I don't know if any have shipped yet.I LOVE that bag!!!!
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  13. First time posting and not sure if this is the right place! But I have recently bought a vintage Fendi Baguette, it is the jersey/neoprene material that is in great condition, but it the material is slightly sticky, does anyone know how to clean it or get rid of the stickiness?!
  14. Me too! It is gorgeous and I want one, but I’m trying to decide what size I should get!