The Fendi Baguette come back

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  1. These are the medium ones. The large looks way too big on me. Im 5"3.
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  2. Thanks. Medium size is perfect but doesn’t fit a lot ?
  3. Stopped by the store to see it

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  4. Does the mini fit a larger size phone like a plus?
  5. Good question. I tried my iPhone 6. I didn’t get the measurements. :sad:
  6. Has anyone seen the yellow? Apparently it only comes in the large size.
    Is the white; true white or off white?
  7. Are they selling the sequin baguettes or just the logo leather?
  8. Yes it fits my Samsung Note 9 with a couple of cm to spare. Probably can fit in another card case plus lipstick.
  9. I've been eyeing this bag and went to check it out a few times. Love it because the leather is so yummy to touch... feels like you are hugging a soft pillow. And I like that its relatively flat... not bulky.
    The downside is that the strap is rather short. If crossbody, it sits just below my boobs hugging my waist (that's why it feels like a pillow). It reminds me of the current trend of waist bag where some ladies carry crossbody rather than around the waist. It looks great if you are slim, unfortunately for me, I'm rather top heavy so it makes me look even bigger overall. It looks nice on me if shoulder carry.
    And because the leather is so soft I'll worry about the long term crease along parts of the bag which means it will tend to look old prematurely.
    It's a beautiful bag but I guess I'll wait till they come out with more sturdy material instead of the lamb skin they are using right now.
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  10. I agree. When I touched that bag I was thinking to myself “how on planet earth will I wear this bag without destroying it in less than a month???” It is an event bag where I would only wear a couple times a year so the leather would be spared. To me this is way softer than Chanel‘s lambskin. I love the bag conceptually but I would like to see a more resistant leather so I could wear it often. Totally agree with @raspberrypink
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  11. I love the ones from back in the day with all the crazy big sequins!
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  12. I’m here for it! Really wanting a mini but debating on color
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  13. Today I found my new bag !!!
    IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0061.JPG IMG_0062.JPG
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