The Fendi BABY SPY Club

  1. omg~!!! Thanks to you guys this is gonna be my next bag! hehe

    few questions:

    When did this come out??
    What is the name of the bag? is "baby spy" slang? cuz Ive been searching eBay for it to no avail :sad: what is the name i shoudl search for when searching google/eBay?

  2. LVluv -
    1. We thought at first baby came out in 2006, but now think more like 2005 with the rest of the spys, because we have photos of 2005 discontinued colors in baby spy that Shopping 247 provided.
    2. My Authenticity Card from Fendi calls it a : "Baulotto Spy" which is another name for it. For ebay, search "Baulotto" and "spy" for it...but make sure it is authentic, as like all Fendis, there are replicas/fakes. You can also purchase from reliable retailers & Fendi boutiques.

    I highly recommend this bag! :tup:
  3. i do see the resemblance to the blowfish. but if anything it kind of makes me like t his little bag even more. funny, i'm not really a fan of the regular spy (some of themore elaborate ones i find downright ugly but i love the cognac, petrol and the grey ones) but i love the baby.
  4. In addition to "Baulotto," like Baglady said, you can also simply search for "Fendi Spy" and look at all the listings, there usually aren't that many, about 200 worldwide. If you want to be more thorough, simply search for "Fendi bag" or "Fendi handbag," or just "Fendi" (but specify Women's Bags & Accessories as the category for the last one). You should also visit eBay sites of different countries, UK strongly recommended, as when the sellers haven't stated that they ship worldwide, you won't see their listings in US eBay, while often they will ship to your country if you ask. There definitely aren't as many babies around as there are regular Spies so they are harder to find on eBay.
  5. Baglady....How can I get my Spy leather to look conditioned and shiny, prefereably without getting them treated professionally?? Is there a product you can purchase to soften the leather? None of my 3 Spys look like your baby petrol. I often see the bags looking shiny and conditioned and always wondered how to get the leather like that.:confused1:

    I currently us a protector coating, and a leather cleaner form Wilson Leather. But these are simply cleaning products.

    Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated!:yes:

    Two of my Spys are pictured in another thread:

    The baby petrol needs treatment the most. The Honey could use it too. And I have a baby tribal that could use it!

    PS- So sorry to divert from the topic. Let me know if I need to create a separate thread.
  6. LO - one reason the petrol is shiny is because it is new & unused...sort of not something I recommend. :nuts:

    If you make a search of this forum you will see several threads about recommended products, like a good deep conditioner might be in order. Also, the lighting makes a difference in reflection off the leather...
  7. Thanks, I will definitely do a search. But the thing is, my baby petrol is also new...straight from the Fendi store!!!:sad: Perhaps she's been boxed up for a while and handled roughly...who knows. I'll fix her up though!
  8. thats me and my blueberry beauty :heart:
  9. Wow. Your baby spy is stunning against your coat! :drool:

  10. oh how cute, you wear a veil too! (not in my avy obvi.)
    but, i feel like now that i have a spy i have to be dressier or def match veils....i'm thinking of getting a fendi scarf and wear it when i hold my spy(not all the time of course) tacky?
  11. beautiful! You wear it well:tup: I love the petrol..I think its my favorite
  12. Beautiful. You have great taste and you wear the spy so well! I love the colour of your coat by the way.
  13. Baglady you're baby spy is TDF!! Leather is amazing and bubbly! So jealous! :p
  14. My baby zucca spy....
    baby spy 06.jpg
  15. ^I love it, matches what you are wearing very well!