The Fendi BABY SPY Club

  1. OK FENDI PFERS! I am a baby spy virgin no's Choco Babe! :yahoo: Preloved, but adorable:


    I am really tickled & like the baby spy more than I thought I would. I am 5'8" tall and big-boned as polite folks say (that's the opposite of petite ;)) so I had always figured it was for more delicate creatures...but not so....There you have it--I carry a large spy over shoulder a lot, its huge, adore the regular spy and now Babykins! I guess I just like em all :yahoo: Here are the 3 sizes of spy: Large 2005 Camel, regular black & choco babe:


  2. ^^^always nice to see preloved pieces like yours that look like new! Lucky you!
  3. i love the baby the correct name the bouliot or something? anyway if i were to ever get a Fendi, it'd be the baby spy! so cuuute! love it!
  4. Congrats on the gorgy Baby! :nuts: Her leather looks marvelous!

    Thanks for posting the comparison pics - your bags are amazing!
  5. I believe the Baby Spy is called the "Bauletto" which actually means "travelling case" in Italian...
  6. Baglady thanks for posting, nice to see all 3 sizes together for some perspective. They are all beautiful.
  7. baglady.1 AWSOME!!! Love the bags side by side!!!! Thanks for sharing need to model the bag for us as well....please!!!!;) :p :biggrin:
  8. Baglady your baby spy is gorgeous!!! I was wondering, how big is the "big" spy (in terms of dimensions)? Do you find the big one better or the medium one?
  9. Beautiful bags Baglady. Love the Camel colour one.

    Has anyone thought about making this thread a sticky, perhaps someone could ask.......
  10. Saich, I agree :yes: . This thread & the show me your Spy thread:

    would be nice if they had a sticky, or if the sticky gods could help us out here:shrugs: .

    Thanks PFers for your kind words on the trio of spy sizes. I wanted to show a point of reference, even though the large spy is no longer available.

    I have only seen 2 other large Spys (via the auctions), so they are like finding hens teeth...but maybe there is a reason for that, the flap & pocket seems a bit too big, think Fendi could have engineered that better, but instead they discontinued the line entirely. Despite that, the camel spy gets a ton of use, I gravitate to it because of the very soft 2005 leather & the shoulder carriage ease of use. I really don't need such a big bag, truly, but for some reason it gets a lot of use.
    The baby spy is an early issue also, very early 2006 & has the 2005 manufacture serial code, and its leather is equally soft & delightful I might add...:graucho:
  11. I love your new baby! Congrats baglady. And the large camel spy is really nice too. It's the 1st time I've seen the large one. The comparison photo was great too.
  12. Baglady, think the Baby Spy Club should be a sticky do not know about the other thread as people like to show of their own collection. Perhaps we need to PM Megs or some Mod it would be good to have this thread up at the top.
  13. Thanks for the tip Saich, Megs stickied it up here for us! Now its Baby Show time! :yes: