The Fendi B-Bag

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  1. I don't have any pictures but it is on and I know someone posted it a couple of weeks ago...Opinions? I think the all-black patent leather is kind of cool and I know patent leather is big for spring. I think it may looks nice with suits for court. The SA I usually work with at Bergdorf's told me that she has seen them and that they are really nice. I asked her what new bag she would recommend for spring/summer and she said the B-bag...

    I have to start saving now if I am going to get it because it costs $2K...which means it will be one of the only bags I get for spring.

    I may stop by the Fendi store this week to see if they have the spring look books or if they have a B sample in the store.
  2. Is this the B Bag? I don't like it very much, those buckles in the front are too showy for me...

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  3. not a big fan of it either.
  4. It gives me a headache to look at it - it has WAY too much to say!.
  5. It looks like a pair of sagging boobs to me. :lol:
  6. I never really looked at it that way.. but now, wow, that bag is scandalous ! :nuts:
  7. This designer needs to re-think this.
  8. This bag has actually grown on me a little. Not tempted to get any more Fendi though, at least not until my spy issues have been resolved :lol:
  9. nooooo don't do it. i hate the buckles.
  10. not a all.
  11. I really like it, and plan on getting the medium black patent one. Plus the B FENDI matching belt.
  12. No Selling !!!

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  13. I start to like the B-Bag.
  14. I want the med patent on in black or yellow. heck I would love red:love: but I don't recall seeing one.
  15. Rivival of this thread - yay!

    I'm soooo budgeting for the new yellow B Bag -- gorgeous! :drool: I've been on a bag BINGE lately, so hoping I'll redeem myself by March -- the color woud be AbFab with Spring! And, with that purchase, my BBag count will be a nice number: 3. Three's a better number than two, doncha think? :graucho: